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I am new!
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I did this and I was like “wait what the *** did I just do?”

Spin to Win!
Spin to Win! YouTube
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So who do you main?
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Mei Halloween Concept

I can't recall if Blizz has ever used any player-made concept skins for characters, but if they ever were going to, this "Meidusa" one easily gets my vote. It doesn't hurt I'm a huge mythology buff. Easily a legendary skin, with the tweaks to abilities.

This fan made Overwatch skin concept makes Mei even more terrifying for Halloween
This fan made Overwatch skin concept makes Mei even more terrifying for Halloween Dexerto
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would you rather:

  • play quick play with someone who thinks they're in comp
  • play comp with someone who thinks they're in quick play.
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420 player lf a chill grp (ps4)

Heya guys I'm so tired of adding lpl only for them to never come back online. Or playing with rangers and people with bad attitudes mainly over the age of 21 please. I main support but I can play any role. I main moira, and I learning zenyatta.. I'm 28 years old as well..... yeh
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Game tayo

Let's game
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Pink Mercy Charity Results

In case you were curious as to where all the money went (almost $13 million) from sales of the special Mercy skin to help fund treatment and research into breast cancer, Blizz put up a nice pie chart so we can take a look.

Overwatch Overwatch
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Fortnite's against Overwatch's design choices.

Epic Games may be copying Blizzard and PlayerUnknown and I wholeheartedly agree with you that Epic should not be doing this. I just want to see if the community thinks that they should cease their imitation or carry on plagiarising.

Oh and also, what do you guys think about Fortnite? I personally despise it as it is not any single genre of game: it is not solely story based, a battle royale, a money grab or a balanced game. It is a battle royale interweaved with a half-formed story, with too many microtransactions to count and balance is as bad as Zenyatta was in Season 2.

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New hero concept Scorch. (See original post for basis this is for more lore.)

Ok so, Widowmaker killed her husband, right. But what if Talon didn't want that to happen? What if Gerard wanted her to kill him to stop the capture. He also knew Widowmaker had another lover... i present to you the Italian pianist Omnic, (needs name). He played for Widowmaker's ballet dances. After the murder she ran crying to the bar were the Omnic was playing. He comforted her, giving a single rose. Returning home she was devastated after hearing the bar she was just in was burnt to the ground. Widowmaker swore to never shoes emotion again. And that Christmas as seen in the reflections comic she returns the rose to his grave. But The Omnic did survive barely. But many thought he was dead. (This takes place during the Omnic crisis) when he rose he grew a dark hatred of the war. Then making this line after seeing fire destroy everything he cared for: " Fire is a savior, it burns all, young, old, big, small, rich, poor, human... omnic, I will stop this war and fire shall be my guide." He started killing soldiers on both sides of the Omnic crisis and destroying the Overwatch Swiss headquarters. Let me know on any ideas you guys have for him.

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In a Zarya Grav which ult would u use

  • Trans (Zen)
  • Brigitte ult
  • Mercy's usual ult
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This seems very familiar...

This time Epic Games has blatantly copied widowmaker... Same mask and same skin-tight suit.
Post image
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Halloween skin

  • Hammond
  • Soldier
  • Moira
  • Sombra
  • Doomfish
  • Junkenstein
  • Pumpkin
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So who do you main and why?
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(This is a bit repetitive) Who likes the SYMETTRA REWORK?!

  • IT CAN SUCK MY (You know the rest)
  • It is the best rework EVER!
  • Meh...
  • I like Torbjörn rework instead
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Who likes the Torbjörn rework?

  • Me!
  • Nah, I prefer old Torbjörn
  • I don’t really mind at all
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Who is more annoying?

  • Wrecking Ball
  • Brigitte
  • Moira
  • Torbjörn
  • Pharah
  • Soldier 76 (Using his ultimate)
  • McCree (Using High Noon)
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For Some reason it wont let me play Torb in Comp. is it just my game or are torb mains to good for comp

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