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Amp It Up
3 sec duration
12 sec cooldown

Lúcio increases the volume on his speakers, boosting the effects of his songs.

Default Key: (E, Right Button)

Details Edit

For 3 seconds, Lúcio boosts the power of whichever song is playing on his Crossfade.

If the Healing song is active, the healing rate increases from 12.5 health per second to 36 health per second.

If the speed song is active, the speed boost increases from +30% to +70%.

Patch ChangesEdit

  • Overwatchemblem black November 15, 2016 Patch: Healing per second has been decreased by 10%.
  • Overwatchemblem black September 1, 2016 Patch: The boosting of movement speed has been decreased by 30% (from a 100% increase to a 70% increase).
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