Spawning Edit

First spawn Edit

  • "Never stop fighting for what you believe in."

Mid-Game Swap Edit

  • "Ana checking in."
  • "Captain Amari, reporting for duty." (if Captain Amari or Horus skin is worn)
  • "Ana, at the helm!" (If Corsair skin is equipped)


  • "Heh, I've come back from worse."
  • "التكرار يعلم الشطار"
  • "I wasn't cut out for retirement anyways."
  • "This is much better than a cabana on the beach."
  • "Old soldiers are hard to kill."
  • "I can rest when the fight's over."
  • "My team still needs me."
  • "It takes more than that to keep me out of the fight."
  • "You're not getting rid of me that easily."
  • "لسة في ناس لازم احميهم"

Being ResurrectedEdit

  • "Thank you, Angela."
  • "Back together."

Using AbilitiesEdit

Biotic RifleEdit

  • "Take your medicine."
  • "I have you covered."
  • "Get back in the fight."
  • "I have your back."
  • "Watching your back."
  • "Get in there. I'll keep you patched up."
  • "You're going to be okay."
  • "It's just a scratch. You'll be fine."
  • "I've seen worse. You're going to live."
  • "أنا هاخد بالي منك "
  • "Get healed."

Biotic Grenade Edit

(on allies)

  • "ده هيفيدك"
  • "This will help."
  • "Walk it off."
  • "Heal up."
  • "Healing enhanced."
  • "Here, take a healing potion." (Junkenstein's revenge)

(on enemies)

  • "ده هيكون مؤلم"
  • "The pain is coming."
  • "This is going to hurt."
  • "This will only hurt for a minute.
  • "Alchemy is stronger than magic!" (Junkenstein's revenge)

Sleep DartEdit

  • "Go to sleep."
  • "Bedtime!"
  • "Aww, you look tired."
  • "It's quiet time."
  • "Lights out."
  • "Nap time."
  • "Sleep!" (Junkenstein's revenge)
  • "Good night!" (Junkenstein's revenge)
  • "نام"
  • "Bed time حبيبتي(when sleep darting a Pharah)
  • "I think justice should use a little nap." (when sleep darting a Pharah using Barrage)

Nano BoostEdit

  • "وريهم قوتك" (enemy, Male boosted)
  • "Warīhum quwitik!" (enemy,Female boosted)
  • "You're powered up, get in there!" (self/ally receiving the boost)
  • "You are empowered, attack!" (self only during Junkenstein's Revenge)
  • "I have empowered you, attack!" (targeted ally during Junkenstein's Revenge)
  • "Nano Boost administered." (allies not receiving the boost)
  • "I cannot be stopped." (Nano boosted)
  • "I feel like I could take on the world!" (Nano boosted)


  • "Back off." (Melee blow)
  • "Hands off." (Melee blow)
  • "You need adult supervision."
  • "Enemy down."
  • "Experience always wins in the end."
  • I didn’t forget about you.” (Revenge)
  • I expected more from you.
  • "Age and beauty. I have you on both."
  • "Who taught you to fight like that?" (Melee blow)
  • ”Youth is wasted on the young.”
  • "اسمع كلام اللي أكبر منك"
  • "خلصنا على الهدف"
  • "اتعلم من الألم"

Killing Soldier: 76 or Torbjörn Edit

  • ”Settle down old man.”

Killing PharahEdit

  • "Mother knows best."

Killing ReinhardtEdit

  • "Settle down, old man."
  • "Someday Reinhardt, but not today."

Killing Tracer or Genji or Lúcio Edit

  • "Speed isn't everything."

Killing WidowmakerEdit

  • "One shot, one kill."

Killing WinstonEdit

  • "Sorry, Winston. You're a big target."

Communication Wheel Edit

Voice Lines Edit

  • "Justice delivered."
  • "Children, behave."
  • "Everyone dies."
  • Go on... I can wait.
  • "It takes a woman to know it."
  • Justice Rains From Above ("العدالة نازلة من فوق")
  • "Mother knows best."
  • "No scope needed."
  • Someone To Tuck You In? ("Need someone to tuck you in?")
  • "What are you thinking?"
  • "Witness me."
  • "You know nothing."
  • "Learn from the pain." Summer Games Item Icon
  • This is much better than retirement.Summer Games Item Icon
  • Don’t be scared.Halloween Terror Item Icon
  • "Are you scared?" Halloween Terror Item Icon
  • I'm Watching Out For You Winter Wonderland Item Icon("أنا هحميك")
  • The Moon In Winter Year of the Rooster Item Icon ("More lost than the moon in winter.")
  • Damn Uprising Item Icon ("مش ممكن")
  • "The ghost watches." Uprising Item Icon

Thanks Edit

  • "شكرا"
  • "متشكرة"
  • "Thanks"
  • "Thank you."
  • "My thanks." (Junkenstein’s revenge)

Hello Edit

  • "أهلا"
  • "عامل إيه ؟"
  • "إزيك؟"
  • "Hello there!"
  • "Hello."
  • "Ahoy matey." (If Corsair skin is equipped)

Acknowledge Edit

  • "جاري التنفيذ"
  • "علم و ينفذ"
  • "Understood."
  • "Acknowledged

Pre game callouts and objectives Edit

Enemy Teleporter Edit

  • "They have a teleporter, find and destroy it."
  • "Enemy teleporter at my location."
  • "Enemy teleporter destroyed."

Enemy Shield Generator Edit

  • "They’re using a shield generator."
  • "I found the shield generator."
  • "Enemy shield generator destroyed."

Enemy turret Edit

  • "Enemy turret here."
  • "Enemy turret destroyed."

Enemy sniper sighted Edit

  • "Sniper, be careful!"

Enemy Mercy Resurrect Edit

  • "Enemies reengaging."

Enemy ultimate Edit

  • "Take cover!"

Ally damaged Edit

  • "Behind you!"
  • "Watch your back!"

Time running out (attack) Edit

  • "There’s no time to waste, we need to attack now!"
  • "We’re running out of time, everyone attack!"

Time running out (defense) Edit

  • "Keep your heads and let’s take this home!"
  • "They’re almost out of time, we‘ll stop them here and now!"

Capturing Point (attack) Edit

  • "I’m securing the objective, anyone want to join me?"
  • "Locking down the objective."
  • "Taking the objective, support requested."

Capturing Point (defense) Edit

  • "The objective is under attack!"
  • "They’re taking the objective, focus our defenses!"
  • "We need to protect the objective."

Escorting payload Edit

  • "Escorting the payload."
  • "Securing the payload."
  • "The payload is secure, move it out."

When the payload is stopped Edit

  • "Someone get that payload moving."
  • "We need to keep the payload moving."
  • "Why’s the payload stopped?"

Pre-Game LinesEdit

  • "There's nothing I haven't seen before. Stick together and complete the mission."
  • "Stick to the plan, and if you get in trouble, I'll bail you out."
  • "Look after yourselves out there, I'll get us home safe."

On Horizon Lunar ColonyEdit

  • "It's not bad, but it's also not Hawaii." (when using the telescope)

On Temple of AnubisEdit

  • "It feels good to be home."

On Volskaya IndustriesEdit

  • "I shouldn't overstay my welcome; I'm probably still on the watch list here."

On Watchpoint: GibraltarEdit

  • "I never thought I'd see this place again."

Pre-Game ConversationsEdit

With McCreeEdit

McCree: It's an honor fighting by your side, ma'am.
Ana: You always were a charmer.

With MercyEdit

Mercy: You know, Ana, there are procedures we could look into to repair your eye.
Ana: You're very kind, but I'm comfortable with who I am now. It's a good reminder.
Mercy: Ana. I don't approve of what you've done with my biotic technology.
Ana: I'm sorry you feel that way, but it suits my purposes now.

With PharahEdit

Ana: I'm watching your back out there, Fareeha.
Pharah: Then I have nothing to worry about.
Pharah: I always dreamed of the day we would fight together.
Ana: Wanting a better life for you was all I ever dreamed of.
Pharah: Mum, I know why you didn't want me to join Overwatch; but it's still what I want.
Ana: I didn't want that life for you, but I know that it's your decision, and I will support it.

With ReaperEdit

Reaper: Guess you're going back on my list, Ana.
Ana: What happened to you, Gabriel?
Reaper: I shouldn't be surprised you took his side.
Ana: You never gave me much choice.
Reaper: Just like old times.
Ana: Right, except for the part where you became a homicidal murderer.

With ReinhardtEdit

Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you're looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.
Reinhardt: Ana? How could this be?! I thought you were dead...
Ana: I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened, I needed time.
Reinhardt: Just like old times eh Ana?
Ana: Things may change, but you never do, Reinhardt.

With Soldier: 76Edit

Ana: For a man of your years, you're looking pretty good, Jack!
Soldier: 76: Well, all that stuff they pumped into me has to be good for something.
Soldier: 76: I feel a lot better having you watch my back.
Ana: We all need someone we can trust, Jack.
Soldier: 76: Ana, we all thought you were dead. Why didn't you tell me?
Ana: You of all people are going to ask me that?
Ana: Seems like neither of us like being dead very much.
Soldier: 76: Old soldiers are hard to kill.
Ana: What are you going to do when the fighting's over Jack?
Soldier: 76: I'm a soldier, Ana. Retirement doesn't suit me.
Soldier: 76: Admit it, Ana, this is better than retirement.
Ana: You haven't been to Hawaii, have you?
Soldier: 76: You know, I still owe you for saving my life that one time.
Ana: That one time? You mean Egypt? Or the time in Russia? Or Brazil?

With TorbjörnEdit

Torbjörn: Ana?! They all thought you were dead.
Ana: Well, I had to come back. I was worried you'd get bored not being able to stick your nose in my business.

With WidowmakerEdit

Ana: Gérard was a fool to love someone like you.
Widowmaker: You don't know anything about him.
Widowmaker: You were once a legend, but what are you now? Just a shell of a woman.
Ana: I take it you don't want my autograph, then?

Special Edit

On FireEdit

  • "My shots find their marks."
  • "I'm on fire! Keep out of my way!"
  • "I’m on fire."

Getting Damage Boost from Mercy Edit

  • "Correct choice."
  • "You made the right decision."
  • "You won’t regret."
  • "I remember this feeling."
  • "I'll make quick work of them."
  • "I'm feeling young again."

Post game voting Edit

  • "Someone needs to show how it's done."
  • "That's how it's done."
  • ”You made the right decision."
  • "A vintage performance."
  • "When I was younger, we’d call this rountine."

Watching an Ally get a kill Edit

  • "ضربة معلم"
  • "Bravo."

Watching Hanzo get a kill during Junkenstein’s revenge Edit

  • "Well struck, archer."

Watching Pharah get a kill Edit

  • "Like mother, like daughter."
  • "That’s my daughter."

Watching Reinhardt get a kill Edit

  • "Reinhardt, you haven't lost a step."

Watching Soldier: 76 get a kill Edit

  • "Nice shooting, Jack."

Watching Torbjörn get a kill Edit

  • "You always did watch my back Torbjörn."

Watching Tracer get a kill Edit

  • "Keep it up and maybe I will retire."

Watching Widowmaker get a kill Edit

  • "Huh, not bad."
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