Anubis as it appears in Mission Statement

Anubis will not be denied. You must be negated.
Anubis is a God Program that appears as the main antagonist in the digital comic Mission Statement. It is currently hidden at the Temple of Anubis in Giza Plateau.


Anubis was one of the God Programs that was quarantined by Overwatch after the Omnic Crisis. Years later after Overwatch had separated, Anubis broke free of its containment, taking control of the omnics in the facility and started breaching the firewalls of Helix Security International. Once the security was breached, Anubis could become capable of corrupting infrastructure and launching military assaults onto Egypt. 

In response, Helix sent a team of engineers to try to regain control of the command center. After the team failed, Pharah's military squad, lead by captain Khalil, was sent to deal with the AI. During the attack, Anubis sent waves of robots against the squad, leading to the corruption of Okoro and the death of both Okoro and Khalil. However, Pharah and her team eventually succeeded in incapacitating the God Program.