If you want to look for the game mode instead, see Arcade.

Various maps have arcade games in their spawn rooms that can be destroyed. Most contain references to other Blizzard Entertainment games. They appear on Hanamura, Temple of Anubis, and Hollywood.

Image Game
Arcadegame fightersofthestorm

Fighters of the Storm

A 2D fighting game that is a reference to Heroes of the Storm. Features Tychus and Tyrael.

Arcadegame fightersofthestorm2

Fighters of the Storm 2

The sequel to the previous, this time featuring Garrosh Hellscream and Kerrigan.

Arcadegame soulstone

Soulstone: Demon-Slayer

Possibly a reference to World of Warcraft's soulstones or to Diablo III's soulstones.

Arcadegame supersiegemode3

Super Siege Mode 3

A Metal Slug-esque game that features Raynor, Sergeant Hammer, and a Vulture from Starcraft.

Arcadegame thelostvikingvi

The Lost Vikings VI

An homage to The Lost Vikings, featuring a Viking unit from Starcraft.

Arcadegame vivisadventure

Vivi's Adventure

Possibly a reference to World of Warcraft's Li Li.

Arcadegame ufosky


A claw game filled with Pachimaris.

Arcadegame holobloks


A 3D, two-player Breakout.