Arena is a broad term for several game modes in Overwatch.

In an Arena game, the goal is not to attack or defend a central objective, but to eliminate all members of the opposing team. Matches are played in several rounds, and players cannot respawn until the next round.

Arena has its own roster of smaller maps designed for direct confrontation. If a Custom Game is made, Arena can also be played on Capture the Flag maps.

Arena GamemodesEdit

The following gamemodes are available on the Arcade, albeit not all at the same time:



Maps in Overwatch
Assault Hanamura (Winter) •• Horizon Lunar Colony •• Temple of Anubis •• Volskaya Industries
Escort Dorado •• Junkertown •• Route 66 •• Watchpoint: Gibraltar
Assault/Escort Blizzard World •• Eichenwalde (Halloween) •• Hollywood (Halloween) •• King's Row (Winter) •• Numbani
Control Ilios •• Lijiang Tower (Lunar) •• Nepal •• Oasis
Arcade Arena Black Forest (Winter) •• Castillo •• Ecopoint: Antarctica (Winter) •• Necropolis
CtF Ilios Lighthouse | Well | Ruins •• Lijiang Night Market | Garden | Control Center •• Nepal Village | Shrine | Sanctum •• Oasis City Center | Gardens | University
Deathmatch Château Guillard
Event Lúcioball Estádio das Rãs •• Sydney Harbour Arena
Other Adlersbrunn •• Lijiang Tower (CtR) •• King's Row (Uprising)
Italics are upcoming maps.