I have been called. I must answer."

Balderich von Adler (Also known as Colonel Balderich [1]) was the leader of the Crusaders. he was born and raised at the town of Eichenwalde. As a Crusader, he fought in the Omnic Crisis to protect Germany.

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Balderich, along with the Crusaders, was seen in the battle of Stuttgart, where German armies defended the city against the advance of a Bastion army. Following the battle, Balderich and his forces were sent to defend Eichenwalde from omnic forces. While stationed at the castle, Balderich was called to join Overwatch following his next battle. While Balderich saw this as an honor, his Lieutenant, Reinhardt, believed it to be beneath him as he was the leader of the Crusaders. They were soon attacked by Omnic forces closing in on the castle and rushed out to slow down their advance.

During the battle, Balderich was mortally wounded rescuing Reinhardt from an OR14. Due to this, and the increasing number of Omnics assulting the town, Balderich (accompanied by Reinhardt) was forced to retreat to Eichenwalde castle. There he chose Reinhardt to be his replacement as a member of Overwatch, and chose to remain behind to draw in as many Omnics as he could to buy more time for surviving German forces to retreat. Despite being gravely wounded, and his shield damaged beyond use, Balderich managed to destroy every last Omnic in the castle, before succumbing to his wounds and dying upon the castle's throne. Balderich's remains and armor remained undisturbed in the ruins of Eichenwalde for decades. Reinhardt visited castle Eichenwalde when Overwatch's recall was sent out, laying the Overwatch token that Balderich had giving him next to Balderich's armor.

Trivia Edit

  • The Balderich's Crusader armor is made in the theme of a griffin. A griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle's talons as its front feet. Balderich's armor has griffin emblems on its chest, fauld cloth, and right shoulder; eagle head on its Barrier Field and helmet; claws/talons on each hand; and wings on its shoulders.
    • Furthermore, Reinhardt has a skin based on Balderich's armor named Greifhardt. "Greif" means "griffin" in German.
  • Reinhardt also possess two Balderich skins, one simply labelled "Balderich" and the other named "Greifhardt" - which is Balderich's armor overgrown with shrubbery.

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