Calaveras is a bar in Castillo. It is described as "a known hangout of all sorts of lawless folk".

When Junkrat and Roadhog were being teased, Overwatch official twitter tweeted an image of their plans to rob the Bank of Dorado. The diagram was drawn on a napkin from Calaveras, as indicated by the label in the bottom left.[1]

In Reflections, McCree and Sombra can be seen in a bar that was later revealed to be Calaveras.[2]

Notes Edit

  • The bar's design differs between the game and its appearance in the comic. With the actual bar looking curved in the game, but squared in the comic (it also appears to be wider). In the game, the bottle shelves are a seperate piece of furniture from the wall, while in the comic they are recessed into the wall.



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