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Competitive Points are an alternative currency to Credits. Competitive Points can be used to purchase cosmetic weapon skins.

Competitive Points earning Edit

Competpoints blackborder 10 are earned for every Competitive match won; Competpoints blackborder 3 are earned for every draw/tie match instead. Also at the end of each Competitive Season, there is an end-of-season reward in Competitive Points, which depends on the highest skill rating of the player.

In season 1, there is a different Competitive Point mechanic for Competitive matches. Competpoints blackborder 1 are earned for every match won. Since the removal of Sudden Death and the implementation of draw result, this mechanic was replaced by the current mechanic in Season 2.

Current Competitive Point rewards Edit

At the end of each season, players get Competitive Points based on their season's highest skill rating. From season 2, Competitive Points amount gained at the end of the season is determined based on skill rating as following:

  • Bronze: Competpoints blackborder 100
  • Silver: Competpoints blackborder 200
  • Gold: Competpoints blackborder 400
  • Platinum: Competpoints blackborder 800
  • Diamond: Competpoints blackborder 1200
  • Master: Competpoints blackborder 2000
  • Grandmaster: Competpoints blackborder 3000

Former Competitive Point rewards Edit

In Season 1, because of different skill rating mechanics (and also different Competitive Points mechanics), Competitive Points amount gained at the end of the season was determined based on player's rating as following:

  • Skill rating 0-39: Competpoints blackborder 10
  • Skill rating 40-45: Competpoints blackborder 20
  • Skill rating 46-49: Competpoints blackborder 40
  • Skill rating 50-52: Competpoints blackborder 60
  • Skill rating 53-55: Competpoints blackborder 80
  • Skill rating 56-59: Competpoints blackborder 120
  • Skill rating 60-64: Competpoints blackborder 200
  • Skill rating 65+: Competpoints blackborder 300

Hard cap Edit

There is also a hard cap for Competitive Points at Competpoints blackborder 6000 or higher. This means players will stop receiving Competitive Points at Competpoints blackborder 6000 or higher. Player with more than Competpoints blackborder 6000 will no longer accrue Points until it is spent. End-of-season Competitive Point rewards will still be granted for players at the hard cap.

Available itemsEdit

As of season 4, there is only one item which can be unlocked by Competitive Point.

  • Weapon
    • Golden: A shiny gold texture applied to weapons, including alternate weapons and ability weapons. Unlocked for Competpoints blackborder 3000 each character.