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For Coin Toss, a Competitive Play mechanic, see Sudden Death.

Credit symbol.

Credits (or Coins) are the main currency for Overwatch. Players can spend credits to unlock items in the Hero Gallery (which are also included in Loot Boxes at random) and they can receive a smaller amount of credits to compensate whenever a Loot Box contains an item already in their collection. Items unlocked with credits cannot be refunded or sold back to regain credits.

Loot Box Edit

When opening Loot Boxes, each pile of currency offers different amount of credits depending on the rarity level:

  • Rare: Credits50
  • Epic: Credits150
  • Legendary: Credits500

Any duplicate item will be compensated by an amount of credit that is worth based on that item's value:

  • Common: Credits5
  • Rare: Credits15
  • Epic: Credits50
  • Legendary: Credits200

Duplicate seasonal event items will have the same compensation as normal items.

Item Value Edit

The price of items in the Hero Gallery is always fixed based on their rarity and quality:

  • Common: Credits25
  • Rare: Credits75
  • Epic: Credits250
  • Legendary: Credits1000

Player Icons cannot be bought, but Player Icons are always deemed as Rare items. Also the compensation for a duplicate Player Icon is Credits15, the same as other Rare items.

Seasonal event items can be bought while the event is running, and the price for those items will be thrice the price of normal items of the same rarity:

  • Common: Credits75
  • Rare: Credits225
  • Epic: Credits750
  • Legendary: Credits3000

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