In Overwatch, crowd control (often shortened as CC) refers to an ability that hinders or prevents an enemy's movement, weapon usage, and/or ability usage. Many heroes have forms of crowd control, usually in forms that stun enemies or push them away.

List of crowd control abilitiesEdit

Stun abilitiesEdit

  • Ana's Sleep Dart completely stuns an enemy for up to 6 seconds. However, this is canceled instantly if the victim takes damage.
  • Doomfist's Rocket Punch completely stuns the enemy it hits.
  • Junkrat's Steel Trap prevents an enemy from moving for 3 seconds, but they can still turn and use their weapons and non-movement abilities. The victim also becomes immune to knockback.
  • McCree's Flashbang completely stuns any enemies caught in its blast for 0.7 seconds.
  • Mei's Endothermic Blaster slowly freezes a target, slowing them gradually for 2 seconds then freezing them for 1.5 seconds. This prevents all movement, turning, weapons, and abilities.
    • Mei's Blizzard has the same effect, but is applied to any enemies in the radius and lasts for 4 seconds.
    • If Mei freezes an enemy with both simultaneously, it will take effect much more quickly in 1 second.
  • Reinhardt's Earthshatter will knock any enemy in front of him to the ground, completely stunning them for 2.5 seconds.
  • Reinhardt's Charge will pin the first enemy that Reinhardt runs into, completely stunning them and causing them to be anchored to Reinhardt. If he hits a wall, the victim takes 300 damage.
    • If Reinhardt charges into a Fortified Orisa or another charging Reinhardt, he will be knocked to the ground as though by an Earthshatter.
  • Roadhog's Chain Hook will completely stun an enemy for 0.5 seconds, then pull them towards Roadhog. If Roadhog loses line of sight with the victim, the hook is canceled.

Knockback abilitiesEdit

  • Bastion's Configuration: Tank rockets will knock enemies back if they get hit but don't die.
  • Doomfist's Rocket Punch and Rising Uppercut knock back any opponents hit.
  • D.Va's Boosters can knock enemies back slightly if she flies directly into them.
  • D.Va's Call Mech can knock enemies back if they are very close when the mech drops in.
  • D.Va's Self-Destruct can knock enemies into the air if they are close enough to be hit, but not close enough to die.
  • Junkrat's Concussion Mine produces strong upwards knockback for both himself and enemies. His Frag Launcher knocks enemies slightly back and his RIP-Tire produces strong knockback against enemies close enough to be hit, but not close enough to die.
  • Lúcio's Soundwave produces knockback within melee range.
  • Pharah's Concussive Blast produces very strong knockback outwards from a single point for both herself and enemies. Her Rocket Launcher knocks back enemies as well.
  • Reinhardt's Rocket Hammer pushes enemies in the direction that he swings.
  • Reinhardt's Charge will knock back any enemies that he hits, but does not pin.
  • Roadhog's Whole Hog provides a constant stream of strong knockback with each pellet.
  • Soldier: 76's Helix Rockets provide very weak knockback.
  • Winston's Jump Pack knocks enemies back in a radius around him when he lands.
  • Winston's Primal Rage produces very strong knockback with each punch.
  • Zarya's Particle Cannon explosives provide very weak knockback.

Other crowd controlEdit

  • Doomfist's Seismic Slam will slightly move affected enemies towards him.
  • Mei's Ice Wall can limit the movement options of enemies by creating a large obstacle.
  • Orisa's Halt! will pull enemies near it into a single point. This will briefly interrupt their movement and slow them down, but does not otherwise inhibit their abilities.
  • Sombra's Hack and EMP can prevent enemies from using their abilities for 5 seconds, but does not inhibit movement or the use of weapons.
  • Symmetra's Sentry Turrets slow any enemies they target. This effect increases with each additional turret.
  • Zarya's Graviton Surge pulls enemies into a single point and disables their movement abillities for 4 seconds.