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The Crusaders were a German paramilitary organization active during the Omnic Crisis. Crusaders were known for their imposing suits of armor produced by J08, and enormous blunt melee weapons (hammers, maces). The faction was led by Balderich von Adler. The only known other Crusader is Reinhardt Wilhelm, who became a founding member of Overwatch.

Balderich von Adler and the Crusaders fought in the battle to defend Stuttgart, along with multiple German soldiers against an army of Bastions. Later, Balderich, along with several of his best soldiers, fought their last battle at Eichenwalde, a castle town near Stuttgart, and were killed. But their death was not in vain, for their effort paved the way for German armies to successfully strike back against the omnics.

After the Omnic Crisis ended in humanity's victory, the current status of the Crusaders remain unknown and Reinhardt is apparently the only active member left despite his retirement from military service.

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Crusader Armor

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