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I play to win.

D.Va is one of the heroes in Overwatch. She is a former professional gamer and a mech pilot who is participating in her country's special force to combat a colossal omnic's devastating invasion.

D.Va’s mech is nimble and powerful—its twin Fusion Cannons blast away with autofire at short range, and she can use its Boosters to barrel over enemies and obstacles, or deflect attacks with her projectile-dismantling Defense Matrix.


D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her homeland.

Twenty years ago, South Korea was attacked by a colossal omnic monstrosity that rose from the depths of the East China Sea. The massive, lumbering construct caused catastrophic damage to coastal cities before it was driven back beneath the waves. In response, the South Korean government developed a mechanized armored drone unit, called MEKA, to protect urban environments in future engagements with the omnic threat.

The government's fears proved to be well-founded, as a disturbing pattern of attacks emerged. Every few years, the monstrosity would rise from the sea to assault South Korea and its neighbors. The omnic learned from these encounters, often reconfiguring itself in a different form and appearing with new weapons and capabilities. Each incident ended in a stalemate, with the monstrosity defeated but not destroyed.

As the omnic continued to adapt, it eventually disrupted MEKA's drone-control networks, forcing the military to place pilots in the mechs. Scrambling to find suitable candidates, the government turned to the country's professional gamers, who possessed the necessary reflexes and instincts to operate the mechs' advanced weapons systems. Top stars were drafted, including reigning world champion Hana Song, also known as "D.Va." Famous for her elite skills, D.Va was a fierce competitor who played to win at all costs, and she had a well-earned reputation for showing no mercy to her opponents.

Seeing her new mission as a game, D.Va fearlessly charges into battle alongside the rest of her MEKA unit, ready to spring to her nation's defense at a moment's notice. Recently, she has begun to stream combat operations to her adoring fans, and her growing following has turned her into a global icon.


With Mech
Fusion Cannons
Rapid fire shotgun hitscan type
∞ ammunition
7 rounds per sec
0.5 - 2 damage for each pellet, max 22 damage for a body shot
11 - 30 m falloff range
1.375 m/s movement speed

D.Va's mech is equipped with twin short-range rotating cannons. They lay down continuous, high-damage fire without needing to reload, but slow D.Va’s movement while they’re active.

✔ Can headshot
✔ Subject to falloff damage
Default Key: (Left Mouse, Right Trigger)
Defense Matrix
Mobile defense type
15 m range
5.5 m/s movement speed
4 sec duration
10 sec recharging
1 sec cooldown

D.Va can activate this forward-facing targeting array to shoot incoming projectiles out of the air.

Default Key: (Right Mouse, Left Trigger)
Damaging movement type
25 damage
25 m range
12.5 m/s movement speed
2 sec duration
5 sec cooldown

D.Va’s mech launches into the air, her momentum carrying her forward. She can turn and change directions or barrel through her enemies, knocking them back.

Default Key: (Left Shift, Left Button)
Dva eject
Passive transformation type
1 sec duration

D.Va ejects out of her mech when it is destroyed.

Default Key: (Passive)
Ultimate Ability: Self-Destruct
Transformation, timed bomb ultimate type
Max 1000 damage
20 m radius
3 sec duration

D.Va ejects from her mech and sets its reactor to explode, dealing massive damage to nearby opponents.

Default Key: (Q, Y)
"Nerf this!"
Without Mech
Light Gun
Linear projectile type
20 ammunition
7 rounds per sec
14 damage
40 m/s projectile speed 
1.5 sec reload

While outside of her mech, D.Va can continue the fight with a mid-range automatic blaster.

✔ Can headshot
Default Key: (Left Mouse, Right Trigger)
Ultimate Ability: Call Mech
Transformation ultimate type
50 damage
2 sec duration

If her armored battle suit is destroyed, D.Va can call down a fresh mech and return to the fray.

Default Key: (Q, Y)

Beside these abilities, a D.Va-piloted mech is able to jump, and perform Quick Melee. The mech cannot crouch and cannot reload either. D.Va without her mech is able to jump, crouch, reload (only when her ammo is not full), and perform Quick Melee.


All seasonal event items, which are marked with special event icons (Summer Games Item IconHalloween Terror Item IconWinter Wonderland Item IconYear of the Rooster Item Icon), are only available to be unlocked either through the respective Loot Boxes or by Credits within the event's duration.


For all of D.Va's skins and weapons, see D.Va/Skins and Weapons.
DVa classic
DVa blueberry DVa lemonlime DVa tangerine DVa watermelon
DVa carbonfiber DVa whiterabbit DVa taegeukgi
Carbon Fiber
White Rabbit
(Summer Games Item Icon)
DVa junker DVa scavenger DVa bva DVa junebug
DVa palanquin
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits3000)


DVa emote heroic DVa emote outofmech
Out of mecha
DVa emote laughing DVa bunnyhop DVa heartbreaker
Bunny Hop
DVa partytime DVa bow
Party Time
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits750)
DVa gameon
Game Onb
a This emote is the default and only emote D.Va is able to perform without her mech. The name is not official.
b This emote after activating will remain in its animation until the player inputs other actions to interrupt it.

Victory Poses

DVa classic
DVa iheartyou DVa peace DVa sitting
I Heart You
DVa rip DVa festive DVa luckypouch
(Halloween Terror Item Icon, Credits225)
(Winter Wonderland Item Icon, Credits225)
Lucky Pouch
(Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits225)

Voice Lines

Voice Lines cost Credits25.
  • ;) ("Winky face!")
  • A New Challenger! ("Here comes a new challenger!")
  • AFK ("Sigh... AFK.")
  • Aw, Yeah!
  • D.Va: 1, Bad Guys: 0
  • GG! ("Aheeheeh, GG!")
  • I Play to Win ("게임을 하면 이겨야지")
  • Is This Easy Mode?
  • LOL ("LOL, heehee.")
  • Love, D.Va (default)
  • No Hacks Required
  • I'm #1 (Summer Games Item Icon)
  • Happy Halloween! (Halloween Terror Item Icon, Credits75)
  • Aw, You Shouldn't Have (Winter Wonderland Item Icon, Credits75)
  • The Best Things In Life (Year of the Rooster Item Icon, Credits75, "The best things in life come in small packages.")


For D.Va-specific sprays, see D.Va/Sprays.

Highlight Intros

DVa highlight heroic
DVa eject DVa lyingaround DVa mekaactivated
Lying Around
Meka Activated


DVa classic golden fusioncannons DVa classic golden lightgun
Golden (Fusion Cannons) Golden (Light Gun)
(Competpoints blackborder 3000)


Dva pixel
Shot Down

Prevent 1500 damage with a single use of D.Va's Defense Matrix in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Pixel Spray

Dva cute
Game Over

Kill 4 enemies with a single use of D.Va's Self-Destruct in quick or competitive play.
Reward: Cute Spray



A poster for Hero Of My Storm

Hana Song (Song Hana, 송하나), under the username "D.Va", represented South Korea in multiple international StarCraft tournament. At the age of 16, she became the top StarCraft player in the world and went undefeated for the next three years of her life. At the age of 19, Hana was drafted into MEKA's army of mech pilots with the task of defending the coast around the East China Sea from a colossal adapting omnic.

D.Va began to stream her combat operations online, and she gained fans around the world. Her fame led to her starring in the Goldshire Pictures movie Hero Of My Storm, as well as an advertise for Nano Cola.


D.Va is a very competent combatant despite her young age, not taking failure as an option and showing no mercy to her adversaries. She possesses an egotistical side, often smack talking opponents during battle. Regardless of her fierce characteristics, D.Va takes pleasure in making her fanbase happy, as shown by cheerfully taking autograph requests from Reinhardt and Lúcio and being quick to thank her audience whenever she defeats an enemy.

Being a pro gamer, D.Va loves video games and enjoys making references to them. While on the battlefield, she will use many gaming terms, such as "nerf," "pocket healer," "GG," "AFK," and more. Despite the fact that she is mostly into games produced by Blizzard (for obvious reasons), she is familiar with old arcade ones as well. An example is her calling Winston "a giant gorilla from those old video games," which is a reference to the Donkey Kong arcade game.

Gaming is not the only thing D.Va is interested in; she seems to be a fan of Lúcio's music. She also reads Mei's Adventures and seems to be a fan of Mei as well.



  • While in her mech, D.Va requires being up close to her enemies to be effective as her Fusion Cannons have very limited range due to their damage drop off over a short distance.[1]
  • D.Va's "Game On" emote allows her to crouch behind obstacles, which she normally cannot do, although she cannot fire while doing so.
  • While in her mech, D.Va's only critical hit point is the cockpit windshield.
Fusion Cannons
  • Use Boosters to reposition quickly, then attack with short-range Fusion Cannons.
Defense Matrix
  • A good tactic for safely approaching the enemy is to activate the Defense Matrix to protect her whilst moving forward with boosters. This will let her get into positions that optimize her Fusion Cannons' damage output.
  • D.Va's Defense Matrix will instantly destroy Symmetra's charged shots, even if a player only briefly "taps" the Defense Matrix
  • If she aims her Defense Matrix at Pharah for the duration of Pharah's Ultimate, the enemy will be unable to do any damage and will waste her charge. Boosting into Pharah during her Ultimate will cause her to die from her missiles' splash damage.
  • Keeping Defense Matrix pointed at an enemy Soldier: 76, McCree, or Roadhog during their Ultimates will leave them with roughly two seconds with their ability (assuming Defense Matrix was at full charge before use and was activated as soon as possible), wasting most of their charge and allowing teammates to kill them before they do any damage.
  • If D.Va sends her mech into Self-Destruct but destroys it while it is detonating (i.e. sending the mech off a cliff somehow), she will not be able to call another mech. When Self-Destructing, players should be careful where they send the mech.
  • Using Defense Matrix and Boosters is also a good tactic for flinging her mech into a large group of enemies for her Self-Destruct so that it does not get destroyed before getting close enough to activate.
    • This tactic is particularly useful against a well-positioned Bastion.
    • One effective way to use Self-Destruct for scoring kills is to boost upwards into the air, then activate Self-Destruct mid-air. If timed correctly, the mech explodes shortly before it lands, which can catch enemies off-guard.
  • Self-Destruct can be activated when the mech is destroyed by enemy damage by hitting the button while the Korean warning notice is showing.
  • D.Va is immune to her own Self-Destruct explosion. This enables D.Va to contest a point alone using Self-Destruct.
  • Self-Destruct is the most damaging attack in the game, dealing massive base damage. This will kill most heroes; however, Reinhardt's shield can absorb it, Mei's Ice Wall can block it, and Zarya's barriers will nullify it if they have even one hitpoint left (giving massive charge to the Zarya in the process).
Light Gun
  • After ejecting, fight using the Light Gun while calling another mech.


  • D.Va's mech has the unusual property that it slows down while firing. This means that dodging or backing away is more effective against her than other heroes.
  • Self-Destruct is implemented not as area damage, but as a series of Hitscans against all enemies in range. Because of this, it is possible to escape Self-Destruct damage by hiding in some rather illogical places, such as lamp posts.


  • D.Va was announced on November 6, 2015, alongside Mei and Genji, and was added to the closed beta three days later on November 9. She was originally teased through her in-universe StarCraft II profile.
  • D.Va is currently the youngest human hero, at the age of 19 years old.
  • When her mech is destroyed, the interface displays "비상탈출," which translates to "Emergency escape."
  • Defense Matrix has D.Va shoot down incoming projectiles by herself, which, according to her, raises her APM (actions per minute). The highest amount of incoming projectiles that can be achieved in-game is from 10 Whole Hogs, which D.Va is still able to shoot down. This means that, in the best-case scenario, D.Va's highest APM is approximately 87500. In comparison, the highest APM achieved in real life is 818.
  • Ironically, in the Korean version of the game, D.Va is the only hero to not have her name written in the Korean alphabet. This is likely because D.Va's name is stylized similar to Korean idols, who often have their stage names Romanized.
  • The name of Hero of my Storm, the movie D.Va starred in, is a reference to Heroes of the Storm, another game by Blizzard.
  • In the Summer Games, D.Va's signature sport is cycling. This sport theme may come from her posture when controlling a mech.
  • D.Va learned how to shoot by playing 16-bit Hero, according to an interaction with McCree.
  • D.Va and Symmetra are the only heroes in the game that have two Ultimates. However, D.Va is forced to choose one ultimate depending on her current form.

Cultural references

  • D.Va's profession as an elite StarCraft player from South Korea is likely a nod to the number of StarCraft players from that country in real life.
    • Many of her quotes refer to competitive gaming jargon, particularly those common to StarCraft and StarCraft II. "GG" means "good game," which is generally said at the end of a match or sometimes used as a taunt after, or even before, an attack which is expected to end the match. "APM" means "actions per minute," which is a measure of the speed with which orders are given, generally taken to measure a player's skill at micromanagement and the efficiency of their game economy. D.Va mentions "APM" when she uses her Defense Matrix, because she repeatedly presses the mech controls' buttons very fast.
  • D.Va seems to be inspired by the anime mecha genre, often featuring teenagers in tight outfits piloting mechs. Her background is very similar to the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion, which also revolved around mechs being used by the agency NERV to defeat constantly reforming and adapting monsters known as Angels. Her suit also seems to be modeled on the plugsuits worn by the Eva pilots, which are form-fitting battles suits that are used in tandem with interface headsets that help pilots sync with their Evas. D.Va's headset seems to be a mix between a gaming headset and the interface headsets of the Eva pilots.
    • Additionally, D.Va's "Taegeukgi" skin, both MEKA and battle suit, resembles Evangelion's Unit-00 and plugsuit respectively, as seen below.
  • D.Va's bunny symbol that decorates her outfit and can be seen in her sprays could be a reference to the movie Sucker Punch. A mech featured in the movie is painted with a bunny symbol that closely resembles the one found in the game. Additionally, the main protagonist in the movie uses a handgun with a bunny charm similar to D.Va's.
  • D.Va's gameplay mechanics is similar to Titanfall's, in which summoning and then losing a mech were critical gameplay mechanics.
    • Her ultimate mechanic also bears resemblance to another game's ultimate ability mechanic, namely Samus's Final Smash in Super Smash Bros Brawl. When Samus activates her Final Smash, she will release one of the most powerful shot in game, and lose the armor and have a new skill set; if she activates the ultimate after that, she will reassemble the armor again.
  • Her weapon being a "Light Gun" may be a reference to the Light Gun controllers used on early game consoles, which used light sensors to detect shots on target.
  • D.Va's Epic White Rabbit skin may be a reference to the PlayStation game Jumping Flash!, in which the player controls a white mech called Robbit with the ability to jump great heights. This is further supported by the '-03 (Rabbit Symbol)' on her jumpsuit, in the first game Robbit had a R-01 on the mech and in the second game a R-02.
  • D.Va's voice line "A New Challenger" ("Here comes a new challenger!") is likely a reference to fighting games which often use similar lines when a second player joins an existing game. The Street Fighter 2 series explicitly says "Here comes a new challenger!".
  • D.Va's "Game On" emote is the first emote that is placed in Legendary rarity. It shows her eating and drinking snacks which appear to be modeled after Mountain Dew and Doritos, a reference to the "Doritosgate"[2] scandal in which a gaming video features heavy product placement. This resulted in a meme associating these items with competitive gaming, especially Major League Gaming. D.Va has also been featured in one of those memes, named "Gremlin D.Va"; it shows D.Va in a "chibi" cutesy figure, along with bags of Doritos and cans/bottles of Mountain Dew.[3]
    • Rotating the camera during the emote shows that the bag D.Va is eating from is actually labelled "D.Vas."
    • The screen features text saying "over 9000 donations," a reference to the famous quote "It's over 9,000!" from the anime series Dragon Ball Z .
    • The Halloween Victory Pose also contains a reference to Doritos; if you rotate the pose to the backside in the hero gallery, you can see Doritos along the tombstone backing.

Patch changes

  • Overwatchemblem black January 24, 2017 Patch: Health increased from 200 to 400; Armor decreased from 400 to 200
  • Overwatchemblem black December 13, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug causing the “You” indicator (which typically only appears during killcam footage) to appear when D.Va looks directly at the ground. D.Va’s video tutorial now includes changes made to her Defense Matrix resource mechanics.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 15, 2016 Patch: Mech health increased to 200 (formerly 100). Armor remains at 400.
  • Overwatchemblem black October 19, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug preventing players from receiving credit towards the Healing Done commendation when healing D.Va's mech.
  • Overwatchemblem black August 2, 2016 Patch: D.Va no longer communicates her ultimate status for Self-Destruct while charging her Call Mech ultimate. D.Va’s ultimate charge status is no longer reset to 0% if she falls to her death while piloting a mech.
  • Overwatchemblem black August 2, 2016 Patch: Fixed a bug where “The Path Is Closed” Achievement could not be obtained by D.Va while in her mech.
  • Overwatchemblem black July 19, 2016 Patch: Ultimate cost decreased by 15%.
  • Overwatchemblem black April 5, 2016 (beta) Patch: Added “Junebug” and “Scavenger” D.Va Legendary skins.
  • Overwatchemblem black March 22, 2016 (beta) Patch: Added “Junker” and "Stinger" D.Va Legendary skins.
  • Overwatchemblem black February 18, 2016 (beta) Patch:  Ultimate charge now generates passively even when D.Va is dead or her mech is destroyed. The ultimate cost decreased by 20% for Self-Destruct.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 17, 2015 (beta) Patch: Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the Play of the Game recap to feature the wrong portion of the match when received by D.Va.
  • Overwatchemblem black November 9, 2015 (beta) Patch: D.Va added.


  1. BlizzCon 2015 Overwatch Panel
  2. Eurogamer Lost Humanity 18: A Table of Doritos
  3. Overwatch: A World Fans Built - IGN

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