First SpawnEdit

  • "Only through conflict do we evolve."

Mid-Game SwapEdit

  • "Doomfist here."


  • "My work is not done."
  • "Lose the battle, win the war."
  • "I'm not even close to done!"
  • "I've been knocked down before."
  • "I'm not finished."
  • "The battle goes on."
  • "Defeat makes me stronger."
  • "I take it on the chin."

Using AbilitiesEdit

Rising UppercutEdit

  • "Rising fist!"
  • "Rising uppercut!"

Meteor StrikeEdit

  • "Meteor strike!" (Self and enemies)
  • "Incoming!" (Allies)


  • "I'm disappointed."
  • "Rethinking your life decisions?"
  • "I was looking for a challenge."
  • "Don't let me interrupt."
  • "Stay down."
  • "That's it, yeah?"
  • "You will be forgotten."
  • "Your time's run out"

Killing ZaryaEdit

  • "Not strong enough."

Killing Widowmaker or Moira Edit

  • "I expected more from you."

Pre-game linesEdit

  • "Once the mission starts, no more messing around."

On EichenwaldeEdit

  • "The world changed after the crisis. It is overdue for a new test."

On Horizon Lunar ColonyEdit

  • "It's not much.. and yet, so much blood has been spilled over it." (when looking through the telescope)

On King's RowEdit

  • "This city is a powder keg that could ignite the world.. and Talon is the flame."
  • "Omnics will not be kept down forever. The ashes of the crisis still smolder.."

On NumbaniEdit

  • "Now where's my hero's welcome?"
  • "I think your flight may have been delayed."

On Volskaya IndustriesEdit

  • "This time, I will make sure we do not fail."

On Watchpoint: GibraltarEdit

  • "The world decided it didn't need Overwatch."

Pre-Game ConversationsEdit

With HanzoEdit

Doomfist: Hanzo, you should consider joining us. I think we'd see eye to eye.
Hanzo: I would have little to gain from such an arrangement. No, I will find my own path.

With JunkratEdit

Junkrat: Don't suppose you'd like to trade? Fists, I mean.
Doomfist: I'd have gotten my fist sooner if it wasn't for those meddling kids!

With OrisaEdit

Doomfist: I hope the girl gave you more than a new coat of paint.
Orisa: You may be surprised. I have received a number of upgrades since that battle.

With SombraEdit

Sombra: Isn't it a little embarrassing to get beaten up by a monkey?
Doomfist: Have you ever been hit by a giant, genetically engineered gorilla? I could arrange it for you...

With WidowmakerEdit

Doomfist: Now where is my hero's welcome?
Widowmaker: You haven't lost your touch.

With WinstonEdit

Doomfist: I didn't forget about you.
Winston: I stopped you once. I can do it again!

With ZaryaEdit

Doomfist: Human strength will only get you so far.
Zarya: True strength is hard work and dedication — not augmentation.
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