The sun has not yet set on this knight's journey.

Dragon Slayer is a Digital Comic Short about Reinhardt released on April 28, 2016.


Reinhardt and Brigitte, on a road trip across Europe, stop in a small German town for supplies and food. The town is seemingly deserted and destroyed, and after wandering they find the head of a dragon painted on a wall in red. Brigitte identifies it as the symbol of a group of scavengers that has been taking over towns in the area. The two are then approached by a child named Hanna, clutching a stuffed lion, who asks if they are there to "save us from The Dragons". Reinhardt is intrigued.

Reinhardt finds two members of The Dragons robbing the mayor of that town. Though he attempts to help, he is outnumbered, and the Dragons defeat him easily. Recognizing his name, the raiders leave him, telling him that he is too old to still be fighting. The mayor ushers Hanna away from the area as Brigitte tends to Reinhardt's wounds.

Returning to their van, Brigitte agrees to help Reinhardt repair his Crusader Armor, as Reinhardt says no one else would be able to help. Brigitte locates the Dragons' hideout - an old factory outside of town. Reinhardt approaches the factory, clad in his armor, as the Dragons ride out on their hovering motorcycles. Reinhardt, seeing them as reptilian men riding armored horses, swiftly dispatches them with his Rocket Hammer. Though he has some difficulty fighting one with a flamethrower - which he sees as an actual dragon - it does not hold up against his Charge.

Having beaten the Dragons, the town's people flood the streets once again. The mayor thanks Reinhardt for his deed and Brigitte gives Hanna a set of armor for her stuffed lion. The two walk off into town to get their supplies and some currywurst.