Environmental hazards are map elements capable of instantly killing players.

List of environmental hazardsEdit


Ilios pit

The pit on Ilios's Well stage

Pitfalls are cliffs or pits that will kill players upon falling a certain distance into them. No abilities can save a player from death once they have passed that distance.

Maps with pitfalls include:


Oasis cars

The cars on Oasis's City Center stage

The City Center stage of Oasis has cars on the outer edge that will instantly kill players if they get hit. The cars have some unique interactions with abilities:

  • Abilities that cause invulnerability, such as Wraith Form or Cryo-Freeze, can allow players to ride on top of the cars for the brief period that they are within the map's boundaries.
  • Players that die to cars can be Resurrected by Mercy.
  • If D.Va gets hit by a car while in her mech, she will Eject from it as though killed by an enemy, as opposed to pitfalls which kill her and her mech.