This is a page for more in-depth strategy with Genji, which includes tactics, teammates, and strength in certain hero matchups.

Playing against Genji Edit

Genji is a hero mainly about mobility. Without his movement abilities, he is vulnerable, unless targeted by low health enemies. Heroes like Symmetra or Winston who don't have to aim make it difficult for Genji to escape or evade fire. Also, Sombra can disable any escape moves for Genji, and AoE enemies like Pharah don't need to target him precisely in order to deal damage.

Strong against GenjiEdit


Mei icon


Mei can use her Endothermic Blaster's primary fire to remove Genji's mobility and turn him into a free kill for either herself or her teammates. Genji cannot do much in return, and while he can climb her Ice Wall, Mei will still be able to slow him down and kill him.
Sombra icon


Sombra's Hack will disable Genji's Swift Strike and Deflect abilities, both of which are essential for his survival. It will also disable his Dragonblade (unless it is currently active) which can be used to save her teammates in critical situations. Although his Shurikens are capable of massive damage, they aren't overly reliable in tense situations and he usually relies heavily on both of his abilities to be effective. She can hack him through his Deflect which will prevent him from using his Swift Strike and leave him with little means of survival. She can hack nearby healthpacks to prevent him from from regaining his health if he manages to escape.
Symmetra icon


The Photon Projector's primary fire locks onto and auto-tracks Genji, meaning his mobility is not of much use, and cannot be deflected, either. Even if Genji is able to escape, the beam still damages him 0.5 seconds after he flees, meaning he is as good as dead if Symmetra catches him. Genji also has to worry about the Sentry Turrets, because they slow him down and do hefty damage if stacked.
Winston icon


Winston's Tesla Cannon auto-tracks Genji, reducing his mobility's effectiveness, and attacks through Deflect. Genji's escape option, Swift Strike, is on a longer cooldown than Winston's Jump Pack, so he can chase him down if he tries to flee.
Zarya icon


While Genji's mobility can prove to be troublesome, his relative lack of damage and the Particle Cannon's ability to pass through Deflect gives her a bigger advantage, and usually forces Genji to flee. Keep in mind that Graviton Surge can be Deflected.

Weak against GenjiEdit


Ana icon


Genji is a flanker who normally attacks the backline, as such, Ana is a high-priority target for him. Ana's self-defense tools, Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade, can both be deflected, and will severely cripple her team if it hits one of them.
Bastion icon


Depending on ow much health Bastion has, Genji can seriously counter him. If a Bastion is not careful and is on low health, Genji can easily deflect any incoming damage, and Bastion will suffer from his own medicine.
Hanzo icon


Hanzo has trouble dealing with a Genji that gets too close to him, as his high mobility makes it hard to hit him with projectiles. Additionally, Genji can deflect Hanzo's one-shot kill potential right back at him.
Mercy icon


Genji will regularly attack the backline and will prove to be a deadly threat to Mercy. His high mobility stops her from easily escaping, and his Deflect can turn Mercy's blaster shots back at her if she chooses to attack.
Roadhog icon


Genji has a lot of mobility, and is also able to out-range Roadhog. Due to Roadhog's short range and slow fire rate, both of these will be troublesome against Genji. He can also use Deflect to dodge Chain Hook to turn Whole Hog against Roadhog.
Widowmaker icon


While Widowmaker can take out Genji from afar because of her high damage hitscan weapon, she needs to be wary of Deflect, because Genji can use Widowmaker's one-shot kill potential right against her. Additionally, Genji's high mobility means he can easily get onto Widowmaker's perch, force her into close-quarters combat, and finish her off with ease.
Zenyatta icon


Zenyatta, like other healers, is a high-priority target for Genji. His high mobility makes him hard to hit with projectiles, and he can Deflect Zenyatta's Orb of Destruction right back at him, including a fully-charged Orb Volley.

Other notable heroes Edit


McCree icon


McCree can stun Genji, and is able to finish him off with Fan the Hammer. However, Genji is able to deflect both abilities back at him.
Pharah icon


Pharah can rely on her rocket's splash damage to kill Genji from afar. She also can easily evade an enemy Genji's attacks. Keep in mind that Genji can use Swift Strike to quickly close the distance between the two, and in such case, will be in an uncomfortable distance from Pharah, who will be unable to avoid his attacks.
Soldier76 icon

Soldier: 76

Soldier 76's accurate Pulse Rifle, Sprint, and Helix Rockets can mean that Genji will have little means to escape. If Genji has Deflect available, he will able able to turn all of Soldier: 76 power right back at him. Additionally, Genji's mobility makes him hard to pin down for Soldier: 76.

Playing with GenjiEdit

Genji can be a very versatile hero, and with good healers, and be very hard to take out. Having healers like Zenyatta or shielding like Particle Barrier, is essential when using Dragonblade.

Good teammates Edit


Ana icon


While Ana may have difficulty healing a Genji running and jumping around everywhere, she can provide Genji with a Nano Boost, which he can combine with his Dragonblade to be a fearsome hero who is able to clear a whole team out.
Lucio icon


Lúcio can provide Genji with a speed boost, allowing him to quickly engage and making him even more mobile than he already is. If things get hectic, Sound Barrier can allow Genji to rush into battle with Dragonblade and still survive.
Tracer icon


Tracer and Genji can both flank together to quickly destroy the enemy backline. Tracer's high horizontal mobility is complemented will by Genji's high vertical mobility.
Winston icon


Genji's high mobility means he can dive into the enemy with or after Winston to finish off targets which he weakened. Because his Swift Strike resets after getting an elimination, he can spam the ability into a group of weakened enemies with terrifying results.
Zarya icon


Zarya can provide a barrier to Genji in order to allow him to reliably get into the enemy backlines. Additionally, they can combine their ultimate abilities for a devastating combo. Genji's Dragonblade will hit all enemies trapped inside Graviton Surge and be able to do its maximum damage, but is vulnerable to close-range attacks and abilities such as Flashbang and Chain Hook. When using this combo, remember to be wary of Transcendence.
Zenyatta icon


Zenyatta can give Genji an Orb of Harmony to allow him to better attack the enemy backline from the constant healing, and can also throw his Orb of Discord on Genji's current target to soften them up and indirectly reset his Swift Strike more quickly.