Below is the list of shortened or alternate names of Overwatch heroes used by the game's community. Not all heroes have shortened names. For other shortenings and abbreviations, see the main Glossary page.

List of hero name shorteningsEdit

Hero Shortening
D.Va In Mech: Deev, Mech, MEKA

Out of Mech: Pilot, Baby, Girl, Hana (character name)

Hanzo Hanjo
Junkrat Rat, Jackal/Chacal
Lúcio Luci
McCree Cree
Mercy Merc, Misery (from her localised name "Misericordia")
Orisa Ori
Pharah Phar (when used as part of PharMercy)
Reaper Death, Shinigami
Reinhardt Rein
Roadhog Hog, Pig, Chopper, Turbopig
Soldier: 76 Soldier, 76, Grog (from "Grognard", a French phrase for "Old Soldier")
Symmetra Sym
Torbjörn Torb, Torblet
Tracer Trace, Chavette, Chavess, Lena (character name)
Widowmaker Widow, Fatale
Winston Monkey
Zarya Zar
Zenyatta Zen, Zenny

List of Variant Ability Names Edit

Hero Ability Variant Name
McCree Deadeye High Noon
McCree Flashbang Flash, Stun
Pharah Jump Jet Boost, Thrust
Pharah Barrage Frenzy, Itano Circus
Pharah Concussive Blast Get Back, Repulsor
Reaper Shadow Step Teleport, Shadowport
Reaper Death Blossom Die Die Die, Area
Soldier 76 Biotic Field Pod, HOT, HOTzone (from "Healing Over Time"), Drink (from Grillmaster skin)
Soldier 76 Tactical Visor Aimbot, Autoaim
Sombra Hack Silence
Sombra Translocator Recall, Telepod
Sombra Opportunist Radar
Tracer Recall Rewind, Replay
Junkrat Concussion Mine Mine, C4, Explosive
Junkrat Total Mayhem Revenge, deathbomb, suicide bomb, grenade
Orisa Halt! Vortex, minivorte, Graviton
Zarya Graviton Surge Vortex, megavortex
Zarya Particle Barrier / Projected Barrier Bubble
Ana Biotic Grenade Purple
Ana Nano Boost Super, Hyper
Mercy Guardian Angel Flight, lock, jump, pixie, fly
Mercy Resurrect Rez
Symmetra Photon Projector Melter
Genji Deflect Reflect
Genji Dragonblade Sword
Genji Swift Strike Slash, dash, dash reset
Doomfist Rising Uppercut Dragon punch, Shoryuken
Widowmaker Infra-sight Wallhack
Zenyatta Transcendence Trance