Whose idea was it to go legit, anyways?

Going Legit is a Digital Comic Short about Junkrat and Roadhog released on May 5, 2016.


Junkrat and Roadhog are summoned to the office of the CEO of Hyde Global in Sydney. The CEO explains that his workers were taken hostage by Omnic terrorists in a factory downtown, and asks for the Junkers' help in quietly rescuing them. The two accept, not for the hostage situation, but because they get to blow up omnics and get paid for it.

That night, Junkrat talks to Roadhog about how happy he is that there's a businessman that doesn't try to take advantage of them. They set up explosives around the outside of the factory, despite several bystanders calling the police. They enter the building by dropping in from the roof; Junkrat first, then Roadhog, who lands on a drone. Noticing they are surrounded by other drones, the two fire in all directions, escape through a hole they blow through the wall, and finally detonate the rest, destroying the building completely.

Now standing in the building's ruins, Roadhog remembers the mission was to rescue hostages, which they did not do. Junkrat notes that they didn't hear any humans, nor can they find any corpses, so there might not have been any there at the time. Roadhog points out the destroyed drones to Junkrat, noting that they have the logo of Hyde Global on them. The police finally arrive; Junkrat tries to reason with them, but turns violent when the police refer to Roadhog as "the fat one". Roadhog pulls Junkrat behind cover as the police open fire, and reminds Junkrat that they should focus their energy on Hyde Global, who set them up. Initially, Junkrat denies that the CEO would do such a thing, but decides that he was no better than the other businessmen they've worked with.

The CEO explains over the phone to another businessman how he framed the junkers. As he begins to discuss insurance, Roadhog pulls him out of his office window with his Chain Hook. Junkrat greets the CEO as he is left hanging by the neck outside the skyscraper. The two zipline away from the building before detonating the building behind them.

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