I have no words to express the pride and happiness I feel to have reached this monumental goal. And this win is guaranteed thanks to hard work, dedication, and view of each member of LumériCo.

Guillermo Portero is the CEO of LumériCo. Before that, he was the president of Mexico and a soldier before that.

In the article LumériCo Vision for Mexico Unveiled, but Threats to Safety and Security Remain, Portero announces the completion of the nuclear power plant in Dorado.

During the Sombra ARG, Portero's emails were leaked to the public by Sombra, revealing his bribing of government officials, plans to seize private property, and ties to the Vishkar Corporation. Portero denied these accusations in the article LumériCo Revelations: CEO Guillermo Portero Under Fire, but would eventually step down temporarily (as detailed in LumériCo CEO Steps Down) after mass protests.

As of Searching, Portero has been fully exonerated of all charges, and has taken back his place as the CEO of LumériCo.


  • Portero was the first character to be revealed as canonically homosexual.
  • A statue of Portero can be found on Dorado.