Last time I checked, this was not my trailer.

Hal-Fred Glitchbot is an Omnic director, producer and actor. He worked with Goldshire Pictures to direct and produce They Came From Beyond The Moon and Six-Gun Killer. Being an omnic director, his films have attracted lots of negative attention from anti-omnic protesters.

On the Hollywood map, the attacking team escorts Hal-Fred Glitchbot's limousine to his trailer. He will yell at people from inside his limo.

Films Edit

  • They Came From Beyond The Moon is both directed and produced by Hal-Fred Glitchbot.
  • Six-Gun Killer stars Hal-Fred Glitchbot among the actors of the movie. He also produced this movie.


  • Hal-Fred Glitchbot's name is derived from the famous director Alfred Hitchcock combined with the word "glitch" and the name of HAL 9000 from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  • At the back of Hal-Fred Glitchbot's limo, his license plate reads "IM RICH".
  • He also directed Junkenstein's Revenge, though it is unsure if this is canonical or not, as the only content mentioning this movie is displayed in reskinned maps for the Halloween 2016 event.

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