Heroes of the Storm is a free-to-play hero brawler made by Blizzard Entertainment.

Overwatch in Heroes of the StormEdit

Some heroes from Overwatch are available as heroes in Heroes of the Storm, including:

Anyone who purchased the Overwatch Origins Edition receives Tracer in Heroes of the Storm for free.

In addition, Hanamura is available as a battleground.

Nexus ChallengeEdit

The Nexus Challenge is a recurring quest line that grants rewards in Overwatch upon completion.

Heroes of the Storm in OverwatchEdit

Overwatch has several references to Heroes of the Storm:

  • 'Fighters of the Storm' and 'Fighters of the Storm 2' are arcade games that can be found in some maps.
  • On Hollywood and King's Row, there are posters for a Goldshire Pictures movie called 'Hero of My Storm'.
  • The Nexus is available as a Player Icon.

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