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What I am about to tell you is no silly fable. It is true.

Junkenstein is a digital comic short involving several characters in Overwatch.

Synopsis Edit

Junkenstein travels back to Overwatch's heyday, catching up with the agents as they enjoy some much-needed Halloween downtime. Amidst the celebration, Reinhardt regales the team with the terrifying tale of Jamison Junkenstein, a mad doctor who's controlled by a thirst for revenge..

Trivia Edit

  • The comic introduced several Halloween skins: Junkrat's Dr. Junkenstein, Roadhog's Junkenstein's Monster, Mercy's Witch costume, and Reaper's Pumpkin costume.
    • In correspondence with the story, these four characters were featured as bosses in the Halloween event brawl Junkenstein's Revenge.

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