This is a page for more in-depth strategy with Junkrat, which includes tactics and strength in certain hero matchups.

Playing against Junkrat Edit

A number one tip for playing against Junkrat is to never stay still. Junkrat has the most difficult weapon to aim, and if you move around a lot, you won't get hit by his grenades directly. Try to avoid tight choke points, as most Junrats tend to fill those with grenades and traps.

Strong against JunkratEdit


Genji icon


Genji's mobility and Deflect can cause a lot of trouble for Junkrat, because it makes him hard to hit with the Frag Launcher, and Deflect throws Junkrat's slow but deadly projectiles right back at him. Additionally, Genji can whittle down Junkrat's health from a distance. Genji's Deflect will also protect him from all of Junkrat's explosives if he gets trapped.
Hanzo icon


Hanzo easily outdistances Junkrat, and has Wall Climb as an escape option if he gets too close to him.
Pharah icon


Pharah's tendency to stay airborne makes it hard for Junkrat to hit her with his grenades. In addition, Pharah is excellent at spotting and destroying Junkrat's traps and RIP-Tire from the sky in 1 rocket which can potentially save her team from harm.
Soldier76 icon

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 outranges Junkrat, and can take out his RIP-Tire with relative ease. When he is cornered in a fight, he can negate some of the damage with Biotic Field, which may cause Junkrat to struggle in these encounters.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker's Grappling Hook allows her to be at a safe distance where Junkrat cannot harm her with his bombs, allowing her to pick him off easily without having to worry about retaliation. A fully charged scoped shot with her Widow's Kiss will instantly destroy his traps and RIP-Tire.

Weak against JunkratEdit


Bastion icon


Bastion in Configuration: Sentry is an easy target for Junkrat, as it stays in one spot. Constantly spamming grenades at it will force it to reposition or die. Even in Configuration: Recon, Junkrat doesn't have too many problems dealing with Bastion due to its large hitbox.
Orisa icon


Orisa has the least amount of health for any tank (since Zarya has regenerating shields), and Junkrat can easily hit her with frag grenades and do some serious harm to her, due to her large hit box and slow movement speed. Fortify, while allowing her to completely ignore the Steel Trap, doesn't help too much, because Junkrat can just stall his shots or keep firing, and she would be dead anyway. Protective Barrier is easy to ignore, as it does not have a roof, and Junkrat can lob his grenades over the shield.
Reinhardt icon


Reinhardt's general still state makes for an easy target as Junkrat, and his grenades wear down his Barrier Field very quickly. Steel Trap also stops a charging Reinhardt.
Reaper icon


Reaper must be at close range for his shotguns and passive to have much affect, and that just makes it easier for Junkrat to hit him. If caught in a Steel Trap, Reaper will have to use Wraith Form early, leaving him without an escape. The necessity for close-quarters combat also means Reaper is at high risk of dying to Total Mayhem.
Sombra icon


Becuase Sombra's Hack has to be performed rather close to the target, she is a very easy target for Junkrat if she decides to hack him. Junkrat rarely need his abilities in a fight, and Sombra must be careful to not be hit by his grenades, which is difficult at close ranges.
Symmetra icon


Symmetra's Photon Projector auto locks onto Junkrat. But since it requires her to be in close proximity to her target, she is in danger of Junkrat's grenad-concussion mine combo. If Junkrat finds a room littered with Symmetra turrets, he can throw a trap into the room, which the turrets will auto-lock onto first, allowing Junkrat some free shots on her turrets. In addition, his grenades are excellent at taking out her Teleporter and Shield Generator. And his RIP-Tire will instantly destroy both her Teleporter and Shield Generator as well as any nearby Sentry Turrets guarding it.

Other notable matchups Edit


Roadhog icon


Roadhog has a large hit box and slow movement speed, but he can also hook Junkrat and do devastating damage to him. However, Junkrat's Total Mayhem can also deal a lot of damage to Roadhog and can kill Roadhog. These two heroes are quite evenly matched.
Tracer icon


Tracer's high mobility makes it hard for Junkrat to hit her, but in a confined space, Tracer must be cautious of where she is going, or else she will receive fatal damage that can easily kill her. If in a 1v1 with Junkrat in a small room, escape as fast as you can. Also, if you do manage to kill him and survive, don't forget that he does have Total Mayhem, which is more than enough to kill you.
Zarya icon


Zarya can use Junkrat's grenades and RIP-Tire to farm Energy and gain the upper hand, however, Zarya is at a major disadvantage if she is caught in his Steel Trap or is in a tight area, because he can just lob grenades and his Concussion Mine in her general direction to get an easy kill.

Playing with JunkratEdit

Junkrat normally spams grenades down choke points or other area, so forcing enemies into an area with Junkrat's grenades can prove to be quite effective. Because Junkrat doesn't have a particularly reliable method of finishing off an enemy after they've been damage, it's recommended to kill the low health targets that he damaged. Other than that, Junkrat can prove to be relatively self-sufficient.

Good teammates Edit


Mei icon


Mei's high crowd control capability benefits with Junkrat's strong area denial ability. Her primary fire slows enemies down, providing Junkrat with slower targets. Ice Wall cuts off popular choke points, letting Junkrat spam Frag grenades or launch his RIP-Tire into the fray. Lastly, her Blizzard ability freezes targets allowing for Junkrat to hit them easier.
Mercy icon


Junkrat with a damage boost can prove to be very formidable when constantly shooting grenades at choke points, as they deal large damage to targets. If he needs to escape, he can use his Concussion Mine to send himself flying, and also give Mercy an escape route. His Steel Trap can also guard common flank routes, giving her some protection against flankers.
Roadhog icon


This criminal pair benefits each other in many ways. Roadhog can use his Chain Hook to force an enemy into Junkrat's damage zone, or to kill a target running away after being damaged. The high damage output of the two means that even tanks can be killed relatively fast.
Symmetra icon


Junkrat can place a Steel Trap in area with multiple Sentry Turrets, preventing a target from escaping the turrets. Symmetra and Junkrat also have high area-denial when working together, which forces enemies into either using unorthodox tactics, or pushing through a guarded choke.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker's presence can lock down certain routes, either forcing all the enemies to go through another safe route, or through one guarded by Junkrat. Additionally, she can take care of Pharah if she's causing too many problems.
Winston icon


Junkrat can deal high damage to enemies bunched up in a choke point, who will usually be severely weakened. Winston can jump into those weakened enemies and rapidly finish them off with his reliable damage.
Zarya icon


Zarya's ultimate can group up multiple enemies, who easily become targets of Junkrat's RIP-Tire.