Kọfị Aromo is an international coffeehouse chain. Its shops and products appear on several maps.


Kọfị Aromo shops have appeared on four maps. In Numbani, there is a large, two-story Kọfị Aromo on Adawe Avenue. On Ilios, there is a smaller Kọfị Aromo beside the lighthouse. In Oasis, there is a Kọfị Aromo in each boat port on the Gardens stage. It is also implied that there is a Kọfị Aromo in London, as the first attacking spawn room in King's Row has several Kọfị Aromo cups beside a computer, as well as in Ayutthaya, as Kofi Aromo cups can found in modern half of the map within lower room that contains computers.

Kọfị Aromo shops also appeared in Sydney in the background of Going Legit.

On Route 66, the Deadlock Gang has several crates marked with the Kọfị Aromo logo hidden in their tunnel hideout.


Though no legible menu has ever appeared, both in-game Kọfị Aromo shops have various cups of coffee around them, as well as pastries like doughnuts, cookies, and muffins.



  • "Kọfị" is the Igbo word for coffee.