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Tell me we're still on schedule. The omnium will not wait for us to be ready before they attack again.
Katya infil

Katya in Infiltration.

Katya Volskaya is the CEO of Volskaya Industries. Based on Zarya's and Sombra's words, she is considered "a hero of her people", "the defender against the omnics", and "the most powerful woman in Russia". It could mean she and her company did something profound for Russia, which is implied to be the creation of mech like Svyatogor to help Russia in the Omnic Crisis.

In Infiltration, Katya was supposed to be assassinated by the likes of Sombra, Widowmaker and Reaper, only to end up getting blackmailed by Sombra instead. It was revealed that Katya had secretly collaborated with the Omnics in exchange for their technology for Russia's anti-Omnic weapons production which Sombra exploited to her favor with the threat of revealing it worldwide. At the end of the short, she is seen asking Zarya for help.

Katya is assumed to have a daughter, as seen in the pictures on her office desk.

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