King's Row (Winter) is a version of the standard King's Row map that replaces it during Winter Wonderland.


The map is physically identical to the original map; the only changes are aesthetic.

  • The map is set during the winter, and thus is covered in snow.
  • Many buildings are covered in Christmas lights and wreaths.
  • The payload is a sleigh filled with presents instead of an EMP.
  • When the first point is captured, the tower plays a tune with its bell.
  • There are Christmas trees in the cathedral, the Meridian, and the Ascalon Club.
  • There is no anti-omnic graffiti or picket signs.
  • The Underworld is tinted blue, and has piles of wrapped presents everywhere.
  • The movie posters at the Meridian are for Love, Hacktually and Pachimari's Winter Adventure.
  • The bookshop is replaced with a room with a fireplace.
  • There are three snowmen; one in front of the Ascalon Club, one near the bus by the cathedral, and one beside a telephone booth.

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