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Main menu sample 3

A sample of Overwatch's Main Menu on PC.

The Main Menu is the primary menu through which all of Overwatch's functions can be accessed. It is opened whenever a player starts the game.

Main functionsEdit


Main article: Highlights

Shows five recent Highlights and Play of the Games. This option is only visible if the player receive a Highlight. This option will not be visible after logging into the game, for after logging out, all data will be cleared from the Highlights menu.


Accesses the primary multiplayer play modes. All modes will be locked if the player is in a group and is not the group leader.

Gamemoge quickplay
Gamemoge arcade
Gamemoge competitivep
Gamemoge playvsai


Accesses training play modes. All modes will be locked if the player is in a group and is not the group leader.

Gamemoge tutorial
Gamemoge practicerange
Gamemoge practicevsai

Hero GalleryEdit

Main article: Hero Gallery

Allows hero cosmetics to be customized.

Loot BoxesEdit

Main article: Loot Box

Allows Loot Boxes to be opened. If the player has multiple types of loot boxes, they may open one of their choice. This menu also allows the player to purchase loot boxes.


Main article: Social

The Social menu has three tabs:

  • Friends: Shows all friends and whether they are offline, in, or playing Overwatch.
  • Groups: If in game, shows everyone in the three voice chat channels: Group, Team, and Match.
  • Recent Players: Shows a list of players recently played with.

Career ProfileEdit

Main article: Career Profile

The Career Profile has four tabs:

  • Overview: Shows current statistics, including level, rank, and time on each hero.
  • Statistics: Shows more statistics, divided by play mode and hero.
  • Achievements: Shows a list of achievements and which ones the player has earned.
  • Player Icon: Shows the player's icons and allows them to equip a new one.


Main article: Options

The Options menu has five tabs:

  • Video: Affects the appearance of the game.
  • Sound: Affects the audio of the game.
  • Controls: Affects the game's controls.
  • Gameplay: Affects various game functions.
  • Social: Affects interactions with other players.

Exit GameEdit

Closes Overwatch.


Every time it loads, the main menu will display a random hero wearing the skin that the player has equipped standing in one of the following maps:

Image Map
Mainmenu ecopointantarctica
Ecopoint: Antarctica
Mainmenu eichenwalde
Mainmenu hanamura
Mainmenu hollywood
Mainmenu kingsrow
King's Row
Mainmenu oasis
Mainmenu templeofanubis
Temple of Anubis
Mainmenu volskayaindustries
Volskaya Industries
Mainmenu watchpointgibraltar
Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Whenever a new map is released, that map becomes the background permanently for a week, then gets put into the rotation. Same with the case when a new hero is released, that hero also stand in the background permanently for a week.

Seasonal event backgroundsEdit

Each seasonal event has unique combinations of heroes and maps that are displayed.

Image Event Hero(es) Map
Summer Games Menu
Summer Games Tracer, Lúcio, and Zarya Estádio das Rãs
Halloween Terror Menu Junkrat Roadhog
Halloween Terror Junkrat and Roadhog Adlersbrunn
Halloween Terror Menu Mercy
Halloween Terror Menu Reaper
Winter Wonderland Menu Torbjorn Mei Tracer Lucio McCree
Winter Wonderland Torbjörn, Mei, Lúcio, Tracer, and McCree King's Row (Winter)
Year of the Rooster Menu Mei
Year of the Rooster Mei Lijiang Tower (Lunar New Year)
Year of the Rooster Menu DVa
D.Va Unknown

Trivia Edit

  • Some maps in the background are slightly different than they are in-game.
    • Hanamura has a small pavilion in the middle of the cherry blossom yard. On the menu, this is replaced by a slightly elevated stone platform.
    • Volskaya Industries has a catwalk in-game that is absent in the menu.
    • King's Row's attackers spawn room has two doors on either side of the front wall. On the menu, it is just one big door.

Patch Changes Edit

  • Overwatchemblem black March 21, 2017 Patch: Fixed a bug causing Reaper's shotguns and D.Va's mech to appear unusually large on the main menu.
  • Overwatchemblem black December 20, 2016 Patch: Mouse 4 no longer controls backwards menu navigation, preventing conflicts with other functions that might be bound to that. Fixed a bug preventing audio from mixing correctly on the main menu screen button.

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