This is a page for more in-depth strategy with McCree, which includes tactics and strength in certain hero matchups.

Playing against McCree Edit

McCree's bullets are subject to falloff damage, and have a short range. Snipers may be more than a match for him. Other than his Flashbang, McCree lacks close combat skills.

When spotting a McCree with Deadeye, don't always run, as he can easily be taken out due to his drastically slower movement speed.

Strong against McCree Edit


DVa icon


D.Va's Defense Matrix can absorb all of McCree's offensive abilities, including his ultimate, for a short period of time, rendering him useless for a few moments. Overall, D.Va's ability to nullify his attacks and large health pool make her a suitable counter. Should he try and escape using Combat Roll, D.Va's Boosters can be used to close the gap between them. Furthermore, if D.Va is currently in her mech and is targeted by Deadeye, she won't die, as the mech sort of "protects" her.
Orisa icon


Orisa has several abilities that counter McCree. First of all, Fortify negates the stun effect from Flashbang. Also, if McCree rolls away, she can pull him back with Halt!. Lastly, her Protective Barrier blocks all of his shots and can negate most of his Deadeye shots if placed in a good position.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker can stay out of McCree's flashbang range and his Peacekeeper will do little damage to Widowmaker from a distance. He can attempt to use Combat Roll to try and avoid getting shot in the head, but because it offers him very little boost in mobility, it won't help him very much. If he gets within range where his flashbang can affect her, she can use her Grappling Hook to escape. Because of McCree's hat, he is easier to spot than most other Offensive Heroes and his hitbox is fairly larger too. Mccree's Deadeye will line him up for Widowmaker to get an easy headshot on him before he can fire all of his shots.

Weak against McCree Edit


Doomfist icon


Since Doomfists' hitbox is larger than any other offensive hero, McCree will be able to land easy shots on him with his Peacekeeper and his Flashbang and Fan the Hammer combo will make quick work of him too. Even if it isn't enough to finish him off outright due to his The Best Defense passive, he will have damaged him to the point where he will be forced to try and flee using either his Rocket Punch or Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam combination. However, McCree can very easily finish Doomfist off before he gets the chance to escape.
Lucio icon


McCree's Flashbang will stop Lucio dead in his tracks if he is wall riding or using his speed boost. He can then finish him with Fan The Hammer or land a few shots with Peacekeeper to finish him. If Lucio uses his Sound Wave to knock Mccree back and try to create some distance, he can use his Combat Roll to close the distance between them.
Pharah icon


Since Pharah travels slowly across the air, McCree will be able to land shots on her with his Peacekeeper. He can use his Combat Roll to lessen the chances of him taking any critical damage. His Deadeye will lock onto Pharah while she is in the air, giving her very little chance of surviving if she is caught in the open. If Pharah decides to get up close and personal, McCree has his Flashbang, which he can also use to interrupt Barrage if Pharah is too close to the ground.
Reaper icon


McCree's range advantage against Reaper allows him to have the upper hand in a confrontation. If Reaper gets too close, McCree can stun him and shoot him in the head for massive damage, forcing him to use Wraith Form and flee. The damage output of his Peacekeeper is too high for The Reaping to have a major effect. McCree still needs to be wary of entering point-blank range when facing Reaper.
Sombra icon


Although being hacked by Sombra will affect the way McCree plays, it won't cripple him to the point where he is near useless and he generally has the upper hand in every encounter thanks to his Peacekeeper and Sombra's limited mobility while engaged in combat. In addition, McCree's Flashbang and Fan the Hammer combo can be used to quickly punish Sombra without giving her the chance to flee using her Translocator if she is engaging someone else or trying to kill any support heroes.
Tracer icon


Landing McCree's Flashbang on Tracer will stun her momentarily, allowing him to line up a headshot with his Peacekeeper and instantly kill her. Even without his Flashbang, his Peacekeeper still does massive damage to her outside of her effective range, and will reduce her HP to a measly 10 if he shoots her in the head when she has full health. Also, if McCree manages to hit 4 of his Fan the Hammer bullets, Tracer will die.

Other notable heroes Edit


Genji icon


Genji can Deflect all of McCree's damage sources back at him, and potentially one shot McCree back with his Dead Eye, but since it is on a longer cooldown and doesn't last as long as D.Va's Defense Matrix, McCree can simply wait for his Deflect to be over and then use his Flashbang & Fan the Hammer combo to finish him off. Otherwise, McCree can aim his flashbang in a direction where Genji's Deflect won't register (such as underneath him), potentially cancelling his deflect and allowing him to finish him off with fan the hammer or a headshot+bodyshot combo.
Hanzo icon


Since Hanzo uses projectiles rather than hitscan, he will have more difficulty landing shots on McCree and due to his limited mobility and escape options (unless there is a wall nearby which he can climb), McCree can get close using his Combat Roll and use his Flashbang & Fan the Hammer to finish him. However, a well-placed Scatter Arrow or a charged headshot will instantly kill McCree.
Mei icon


Mei's effective Range is within the range of McCree's Flashbang, meaning if she gets hit with one, it's likely game over for her. However, if he misses either his Flashbang or his shots, Mei has the advantage.
Soldier76 icon

Soldier: 76

McCree and Soldier: 76 are on very even playing fields. Since Soldier has his Biotic Field and Helix Rockets, he may be able to kill McCree from a distance. On the other hand, since McCree has his Flashbang & Fan the Hammer, he can kill Soldier: 76 in close quarters combat. In most cases, the winner is the one with better aim.
Winston icon


The advantage in a 1v1 between Winston and McCree goes to the one whose Ability 2 wins in a clash. If McCree hits his Flashbang on Winston, he can deal massive damage, then use Combat Roll to reload and finish him off. If Winston blocks it with his Barrier Projector, then McCree can only roll away to avoid damage, but Winston will still have the upper hand.

Winston has a major disadvantage at ranges, because all it takes is 4 headshots from McCree to be killed, and McCree has the ability to avoid any oncoming damage from Winston. While this seems like a lot, remember that Winston has one of the largest critical area spots in the game, so landing headshots is not much of a problem.

Zarya icon


Zarya can put her Particle Barrier up, and if you are not careful and use Fan the Hammer after you stun her, she can gain a lot of energy and turn all the damage back against you. However, if you are accurate enough, 3 headshots will finish her off.

Playing with McCree Edit

McCree is a very independent hero, and really doesn't need much support besides during his ultimate, where Crowd control abilities as well as protection from his teammates are very helpful and sometimes a necessity.

Good teammates Edit


Ana icon


Ana can apply a Nano Boost to increase the speed at which Deadeye locks on to targets, allowing him to kill 200 HP targets within ~1.5 seconds of casting it. If Ana is close to McCree, the threat of his Flashbang will make flankers hesitant to attack her.
Mei icon


Mei's freezing allows McCree to more easily line up headshots and makes it so the duo can kill frozen targets much faster without spreading out the team too much. McCree can also take care of Pharah or Tracer if they pose a problem to her, while Mei can take care of D.Va if she’s too much of a problem to him. Additionally, Blizzard partners very well with Deadeye, as the targets cannot shoot McCree while he's vulnerable, and are unable to take cover.
Mercy icon


McCree's role as an anti-flanker deters Mercy's notable threats from approaching her, as he can use his Flashbang to stun them and quickly take them out, meaning she can stay close to him if the enemy flankers are looking for her. With a damage boost, McCree can kill Tracer and out-of-mech D.Va in one headshot before damage falloff. Damage boost also allows Deadeye to lock on faster.
Zarya icon


Graviton Surge will force the enemies into McCree's line of sight, and Zarya can place a Projected Barrier on him to prevent him from being killed while charging Deadeye. It will kill enemies through Transcendence, and while Sound Barrier can prove to be problematic, Deadeye will be charged enough to kill any target even with a temporary shield by the time Graviton Surge runs out, not to mention that Sound Barrier would have decayed at least 50% by then. She can also take care of D.Va if she is causing too much trouble.