Playing as Mei Edit

  • Mei slows and freezes enemies, making them vulnerable to attack.
  • Mei's ice theme is purely cosmetic: she does not give or receive greater damage from fire-related weapons.


  • The end of Mei's Cryo-Freeze is signaled by the sound of cracking ice. However, there is no special sound other than a brief crack if Mei ends the Cryo-Freeze early. Use this to Mei's advantage, as enemies may be caught off guard.
  • Mei in Cryo-Freeze can negate certain abilities such as McCree's Deadeye and D.Va's Self-Destruct, making it good as an impromptu shield for allies. However, it cannot negate abilities like Hanzo's Dragonstrike or Reinhardt's Earthshatter.
  • With the exception of Ana's kit, and Roadhog's Chain Hook, every ability and attack in the game can pass through an allied Mei's Cryo-Freeze.

Ice WallEdit

  • Try placing the wall at a precise position so as to effectively block abilities that deal high amounts of damage.
  • Ice wall has many uses beyond stopping attacks and movement
    • Placing it in front of Torbjörn's Turret effectively disables it (as it obstructs its laser guidance) for as long as the ice wall stays up.
    • The ice wall can also be used for Mei and her team's movement, as it can be placed under her or others to get them to higher places they normally couldn't get to.
    • Players can toggle between perpendicular and parallel placement of ice wall by pressing the ice wall button again. Alternatively, if they place a wall unintentionally, they can click the ice wall button again (while it is up) to take it down. This starts the cooldown timer right away.
    • The ice wall can be used to stop a weak enemy from running away or falling back or can be used by Mei as a defense mechanism for running away and blocking her opponent's path as she escapes.
    • The ice wall can have its individual columns broken if they receive too much damage, so be wary and prepared for if the enemy breaks it apart.
    • The Ice Wall can stop several ultimates. Reinhardt's Earthshatter, Pharah's Barrage (if placed properly), and in a way, D.Va's Self-Destruct. However, ultimates like Tactical Visor and Dragonblade can go around the wall. Roadhog's Whole Hog deals enough damage at a time to break through the wall, and Dragonstrike can pass through.
    • The Ice Wall cannot obstruct or delay the payload. The payload instantly destroys any deployed object it hits when moving.
    • Mei can free herself from Junkrat's Steel Trap by placing an Ice Wall directly underneath herself.
    • It can be used for crowd control. The first, to completely block an entrance. The second, to split an oncoming rush of enemies to better pick off the first few before their teammates can back them up.


  • Use the Blizzard ultimate on map objectives to freeze enemy defenders.
  • Although the drone that produces the Blizzard field is visible, shooting it has no effect.
  • Blizzard can be deflected before it hits the ground, so be careful when using it near Genji.
  • Sometimes throwing the Blizzard into the air can be effective, as normally, people expect the drone to hit the ground right away.
  • Many people have various counters to escape the Blizzard. Reinhardt's Charge, Reaper's Wraith Form, Zarya's Particle Barriers, and Sombra's Translocator, to name a few, can escape the radius quickly.

Playing against MeiEdit

In a 1v1 matchup within Mei's ideal range, she will almost always come out on top. Mei struggles in anything other than a 1v1, even a 1v2, as she will have a hard time focusing down one target, and will in turn be far less effective.

If Mei decides to use Cryo-Freeze, use that as an opportunity to escape or get a teammate to come and help.

Strong against Mei Edit


Junkrat icon


Junkrat's high damage and knockback can prevent Mei from keeping her beam on him for too long, or make it harder for her to line up a headshot. He can shoot grenades from a distance where Mei can't freeze him, or into the choke point if she's in one. If Mei uses Ice Wall in an open area to try and block him off, Junkrat can lob grenades over it, or fly over it himself using Concussion Mine and damage her. His Steel Trap is a huge detriment to Mei, as it forces her to use one of her abilities or risk dying.
Hanzo icon


Hanzo normally stays on high ground and out of Mei-range, and can kill her with a headshot from his Storm Bow, or a well-placed Scatter Arrow. Mei can use her Ice Wall to reach Hanzo if he's within reach, but Hanzo is no less effective in close quarters, and will still often kill her.
Lucio icon


Lúcio's Wall Ride makes him a harder target to hit for most characters, and while Mei can try to freeze him to slow him down, he is far too mobile to fully freeze. If he is away from a wall, Lúcio can use his Soundwave to boop her way or even off the map. Finally, thanks to his passive healing, he can save other heroes and himself from her combo.
Orisa icon


Orisa's Fortify makes her completely immune to the slowing and freezing effects of Mei's Endothermic Blaster, and her overall damage with its secondary fire is too low against a Fortified Orisa. Even when not Fortified, Orisa can pull her away or strafe around her own barrier to minimize both freezing and damage, and then finish Mei off with her powerful Fusion Driver.
Pharah icon


Pharah usually stays out of Mei's range by flying, and can use either of her abilities to increase distance between the two if she ends up in Mei's range. While Pharah's damage is blocked rather easily by Mei's Ice Wall, Mei can do little against her, and finds difficulty in landing her icicles on a flying target, while Pharah can simply shoot rockets from above.
Tracer icon


Tracer can easily Blink out of the Endothermic Blaster's range, or Recall if she has no blinks left. Because of this, Mei will have a hard time freezing Tracer. If Mei decides to freeze, Tracer can stick a Pulse Bomb on the ice block (if available) at the right time, and it will still be stuck to Mei after she thaws out. Tracer needs to be wary of her Icicle, as it will kill her in one headshot within falloff range.

Weak against Mei Edit


Bastion icon


With Ice Wall, Mei can stop Sentry Bastion's attacks for roughly a second, which gives Mei and her team enough time to react to it. If Mei sneaks up behind Bastion, its turn speed will be slowed and won't be able to turn around and kill her in time, leaving it very vulnerable. Mei also normally wins 1v1 fights against Recon Bastion.
DVa icon


The Endothermic Blaster's primary fire is not negated by Defense Matrix, meaning Mei can get rid of D.Va's protection ability and make it easy for her team to destroy her mech. In Pilot form, D.Va gets killed by 1 headshot from Mei's secondary fire. Mei still needs to be wary of Suited D.Va, as she can negate Blizzard with Defense Matrix if the drone hasn't touched the ground after being thrown.
Sombra icon


Because of how non-reliant Mei is on her abilities, Sombra's Hack will effectively accomplish very little. Hack can also be cancelled by a single hit of Mei's Endothermic Blaster, which has a deceptively long range. Mei's primary fire is also effective at finding and breaking Sombra's Stealth. Because of her low damage output, Sombra will have trouble trying to kill Mei on her own, and her only option is to use her quickly-recharging Translocator to teleport away before Mei can do any major damage to her. However, it should be noted that a well-timed Hack or EMP will effectively reduce Mei's health by 150 for 6 second as she cannot activate Cryo-Freeze.
Soldier76 icon

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is notably one of the only heroes who cannot escape Mei's freeze, survive her combo, nor consistently kill her before she completes it. He can try to pick her down at a range, but that confrontation comes down to who has the better aim. If she closes the gap, Soldier is done for.
Winston icon


Mei can freeze Winston quite easily and doesn't need to worry about Winston's damage as much as most other heroes because of her slight 50 HP advantage, which noticeably increases Winston's time to kill. She can also use Ice Wall to close off his escape route and use Cryo-Freeze to heal off a large amount of damage done.

Other notable heroes Edit


Ana icon


Mei usually stands still when lining up a headshot against a frozen target; Ana can use this as an opportunity to shoot her with a Sleep Dart and put her out of the fight, and damage her from long ranges. That aside, Ana can't really do much to Mei, who still has an advantage in a fight.
Genji icon


Mei can use her Endothermic Blaster's primary fire to slow Genji down, but his mobility allows him to easily escape her effective range. Genji cannot do much damage to return, and while he can easily escape over her Ice Wall, he will still need an ally to help take her down.
McCree icon


Mei's effective Range is within the range of McCree's Flashbang, meaning if she gets hit with one, it's likely game over for her. However, if he misses either his Flashbang or his shots, Mei has the advantage.
Reaper icon


If Reaper can get close enough to Mei, his high damage will finish her off before she gets the chance to freeze him. If he is close to being frozen, Reaper can use Wraith Form to reset the freeze timer and escape, however, Mei can use Ice Wall to block his escape route and will be able to damage him before he fully exits Wraith Form. If Reaper doesn't engage close enough, Mei can use the slow effect of her Endothermic Blaster to get out of his high-damage range and finish him off.
Roadhog icon


Since Roadhog's Hook and Scrap Gun combo won't be enough to kill Mei outright, she can quickly enter her Cryo-Freeze and regain any lost health. She can then blast Roadhog with her Endothermic Blaster which will create enough distance between them and eventually freeze him to the point where he will be in a critical state and will have to use his Take a Breather ability. Mei can then capitalize and continue freezing him which will cancel his Take a Breather ability potentially nullifying any healing he may have done. From this point, Roadhog can still potentially deal enough damage to Mei to force her to use her Ice Wall or escape using another method or she can continue the assault and eventually kill him with her Icicles.
Symmetra icon


Symmetra's gun damage is reset if she gets frozen, and Mei can clear her turrets rather easily, however, Symmetra can create a Photon Barrier to briefly interrupt the freeze and fight back. If her gun is charged enough and has at least 1 Sentry Turret nearby, she will usually be the winner. Symmetra's Shield Generator also stops 200 HP heroes from being killed by Mei's freeze + Icicle combo.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker can stay out of Mei's Endothermic Blasters' effective range, meaning she cannot be frozen, but Mei's Ice Wall will block her sightline and her only way around it is her Grappling Hook, which means that she can't use it to escape or disengage if she is damaged or doved into when it is on cooldown. Since Mei's icicles travel relatively quickly compared to other projectiles, she will have not have as much difficulty landing shots on the slow moving Widowmaker. Mei's rather large hitbox and limited mobility will result in Widowmaker being able to take her down effectively without giving her the chance to heal with Cryo-Freeze, but if she misses a shot, Mei has a large enough window to outsnipe her.
Zarya icon


Zarya can be a problem for Mei by thawing out her freeze victims because Zarya's Projected Barrier thaws them out. Both of Zarya's barriers reset the freeze, so she can cause problems for Mei. However, while Zarya can escape from Mei once, if she gets caught with no Particle Barrier, Zarya does not stand much of a chance.

Playing with Mei Edit

Mei can use her Ice Wall to isolate targets from the rest of the enemy team to make them an easy kill. Take advantage of her freezing effect to line up easy headshots and allow Mei to freeze the next target faster. If Mei uses Cryo-Freeze and multiple enemies decide to surround her while frozen, use that as an opportunity to take out the then-split enemies, or use the distraction to gain an advantageous position or capture progress.

Good teammates Edit


McCree icon


Mei's freezing allows McCree to more easily line up headshots and makes it so the duo can kill frozen targets much faster without spreading out the team too much. McCree can also take care of Pharah or Tracer if they pose a problem to her, while Mei can take care of D.Va if she's too much of a problem to him. Additionally, Blizzard partners very well with Deadeye, as the targets cannot shoot McCree while he's vulnerable, and are unable to take cover. Targets caught in Blizzard will also be weakened, allowing Deadeye to lock on faster.
Reaper icon


Mei can use her Endothermic Blaster to slow down any target fleeing from Reaper, allowing him to catch up and easily kill them, and can freeze D.Va if she poses too much of a problem for him. His Death Blossom also pairs up with her Blizzard quite nicely.
Reinhardt icon


Reinhardt can use his Charge to finish off most targets isolated by Ice Wall in an instant, or severely damage them to make them easy pickings. Against another Reinhardt, Mei can use her wall to boost the friendly Reinhardt into a position where the enemy Reinhardt cannot block Earthshatter from.
Roadhog icon


Roadhog's ability to hook targets allows Mei to use her Ice Wall to isolate them more easily. In the event that Mei splits off two enemies instead of one, and Roadhog is the only one nearby, he can easily take care of one of them while she freezes and kills the other. Additionally, her freezing makes it so Roadhog can save his hook for a different target, if need be.
Torbjörn icon


Torbjörn's armor allows Mei to have 325 HP and be very durable. If Torbjörn is under fire while building his Turret, Mei can use Ice Wall to give him some breathing room. The distraction provided by the turret also allows Mei to fare better in a 1v2 matchup, and deter Tracer from attacking.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker benefits greatly from the freezing provided by Mei, as she can line up headshots very easily. With the large amount of kills the duo can get, Widowmaker's Infra-Sight will build quickly, which makes it easier for Mei to find targets to wall off.