This is a page for more in-depth strategy with Mercy, which includes tactics, teammates, and strength in certain hero matchups. Due to her low damage output and general playstyle, she is not strong against any hero, and is weak to almost all of them. Notable threats will be listed instead of enemy hero matchups.

Playing against Mercy Edit

Because Mercy relies on her teammates to cover for her or provide an escape route, it's best to push her into a position where she is out of line-of-sight from her teammates.

Notable threats Edit

These heroes are heroes which have Mercy as a priority target and will actively hunt her down. Be very cautious if these heroes are seen on the enemy team.


Genji icon


Genji will regularly attack the backline and will prove to be a deadly threat to Mercy. His high mobility stops her from easily escaping, and his Deflect can turn Mercy's blaster shots back at her if she chooses to attack.
Reaper icon


Reaper normally flanks or lurks certain areas waiting to strike, and if he catches an opportunity to kill Mercy, she will die quickly if there are no escape options, as his high close-range damage will make quick work of her.
Roadhog icon


Roadhog usually looks for targets to pull with his Chain Hook, and Mercy is one of his priority targets. If she's caught in the open and is hooked, she very likely won't survive. Because of his high health pool, Mercy can't fight back effectively, either.
Sombra icon


Sombra can Hack Mercy to prevent her from escaping or reviving her dead allies, but if Mercy decides to fight back, the two tend to be on an even playing field if Sombra doesn't land hits on her before she starts firing.
Tracer icon


Tracer has very high horizontal mobility and can quickly get up close to finish Mercy off. Mercy cannot fight back very well, because the Pulse Pistols will deal significantly more damage than the Caduceus Blaster at the normal engagement range, and Tracer can Recall any lost health if she takes notable damage.
Winston icon


Mercy is helpless against Winston and her only option is to escape using Guardian Angel, as her pistol does too little damage to force him to escape. An important thing to note is that her Caduceus Staff's healing cancels out the Tesla Cannon's damage, and eventually outheals it because the staff doesn't need to reload, whereas the cannon does.
Widowmaker icon


Widowmaker generally can get a great view of the entire battlefield, and if Mercy decides to fly away, she can easily be tracked. Also, Widowmaker has an extremely long range with her sniper rifle, which means Mercy can still be picked off in the back, when she is casting Resurrect or when Valkyrie is active. Additionally, the teammate that was Resurrected is immobile for a second after it was casted, making it extremely easy for Widow to line up and score a headshot on them. However, it should be noted that Mercy's extreme mobility, uninterrupted self-healing and the infinite ammo as well as increases projectile speed on Caduceus Blaster when Valkyrie is active can allow Mercy to pressure and even kill Widowmaker if she doesn't score a headshot or if the map has a lot of cover.

Playing with Mercy Edit

Spread the team out a bit to allow Mercy to fly away if a flanker attacks her, and make sure she is protected, as she can't reliably defend herself. If Mercy dies and a player is free/not needed at the moment, they should go back towards the spawn and stand far enough within Mercy's line of sight so she can use Guardian Angel and get back to the team faster.

Good teammates Edit


Ana icon


Ana's strong healing combined with Mercy's will keep high HP targets healthy and other teammates topped up in most scenarios. Additionally, because both of them have high healing, they can focus on their other tasks more (damage dealing for Ana, damage boosting for Mercy). It is not recommended to use this pair if there are less than 2 tanks.
Bastion icon


Bastion's high damage will benefit greatly from Mercy's damage boost, and with its Self-Repair, lets Mercy focus on other targets who need healing, or can be nigh-unstoppable when the two healing sources are stacked.
DVa icon


Because D.Va doesn't need to reload, Mercy can damage boost her to increase the power of her constant fire to great effect. With her Boosters, Mercy also has increased mobility via Guardian Angel, and can benefit from her high health pool to build Valkyrie faster. Additionally, Defense Matrix and Self-Destruct are one of the most reliable protections for Mercy to cast Resurrect on a fallen teammate.
Junkrat icon


Junkrat with a damage boost can prove to be very formidable when constantly shooting grenades at choke points, as they deal large damage to targets. If he needs to escape, he can use his Concussion Mine to send himself flying, and also give Mercy an escape route. His Steel Trap can also guard common flank routes, giving her some protection against flankers.
Lucio icon


Lúcio's Crossfade: Speed, together with his Wall Ride and Mercy's Guardian Angel, can prove to make the two a very mobile and troublesome duo. Lúcio's passive healing on Crossfade: Heal keeps the team (Mercy included) topped up, and his Sound Barrier is quite a powerful team-saving tool. Be sure to communicate and let the other know how to sequence Sound Barrier and Resurrect correctly to get the most value depends on the situation.
McCree icon


McCree's role as an anti-flanker deters Mercy's notable threats from approaching her, as he can use his Flashbang to stun them and quickly take them out, meaning she can stay close to him if the enemy flankers are looking for her. With a damage boost, McCree can kill Tracer and out-of-mech D.Va in one headshot before damage falloff. Damage boost also allows Deadeye to lock on faster.
Pharah icon


Pharah is arguably the best teammate for Mercy, as she can constantly provide an escape route upwards with her Hover Jets (or let her stay in the air, making her harder to hit) and can severely pressure the enemy team with damage-boosted rockets. Mercy can boost or heal Pharah during Barrage to allow her to as much damage in one use.
Reaper icon


Following Reaper while he's flanking is not recommended, but when he isn't, applying either of Mercy's beams to him allows him to be more aggressive, taking out key targets faster while surviving longer. A damage-boosted Death Blossom is also quite lethal if boosted in time. Additionally, both of her beams increase his durability by assisting The Reaping.
Roadhog icon


Roadhog can deal tremendous damage with his Scrap Gun or Whole Hog if given a damage boost. His Chain Hook, high health, and advantage to Mercy's common threats deters them from attacking her if he's nearby.
Soldier76 icon

Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is one of the best teammates for Mercy to have. He can move around the map quickly with Sprint (enhancing Mercy's mobility), he has consistent and reliable damage, and he can assist her with healing if she's under pressure. With Biotic Field active, Mercy can focus on damage boosting him to tear through enemies. A damage boosted Tactical Visor is very deadly, and can cause a teamwipe on its own.
Symmetra icon


In battle, Symmetra's consistent and reliable damage benefits greatly from Mercy's damage boost, allowing her to eliminate even tanks quickly. Symmetra's Sentry Turrets can create a safe space for Mercy if she is attacked by a flanker, giving her a fighting chance in that area.
Torbjörn icon


Torbjörn can give Mercy an Armor Pack to increase her survivability, and his turret can deter flankers from attacking, or provide cover fire if they do. If he wants to go on the offensive, Mercy can give him a damage boost and allow him to deal high damage with both his primary and alternate firing modes.
Winston icon


Although diving in with Winston is not recommended, Mercy's damage boost raises Winston's damage vs all targets to 78, and her high healing can greatly increase his survivability. Winston's Barrier can give Mercy a safe haven in open areas, giving her a fighting chance when surrounded by enemies or even getting off a Resurrect. Mercy can quickly build ultimate charge from a diving Winston taking damage, and if needed Winston can jump straight up to give her an escape option.
Zarya icon


As Mercy needs to stay relatively close to her teammates to use her Caduceus Staff, Zarya can apply a Projected Barrier onto her is she takes fire from the enemy. Mercy's strong healing can also keep Zarya healthy, and her damage boost is always helpful.
Zenyatta icon


The Orb of Discord stacks with Mercy's damage boost for a damage modifier of 1.69x (or +69%), meaning this pair can allow teammates to eliminate enemies at an outstanding speed. Transcendence can give a advantage to resurrected allies, or prevent them from dying in the first place and allow her to save it for later. He can heal Mercy is she's in danger, or can apply his Orb of Harmony to weakened targets who are too far away for Mercy to heal, or in a danger zone where she cannot enter.