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OR15 Defense Bots

The OR15 Defense Bots were used as a defense force for Numbani. They were recently made and/or implemented to the city's defense.

OR15's are equipped with a Fusion Driver in place of one of their hands as their primary weapon, and also carry a Supercharger on their back.

Story Edit

Twenty years after the Omnic Crisis ended, Numbani revived and recommissioned the OR14 program to create the OR15. As a successor of the OR14 model, OR15 protected the city of Numbani until several of them were destroyed in an attack from Doomfist. It lead to the decommission of the OR15 program, and the rest of the OR15 was sold.


OR15 "Orisa"Edit

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OR15 "Orisa"

One OR15 was salvaged and rebuilt by Efi Oladele as Orisa. Orisa was heavily modified from the original OR15 design - given numerous upgrades and armaments, along with an implemented personality core.