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Overwatch Patch Notes – October 19, 2016

October 11, 2016 • • • • • List of Patches • • • • • October 20, 2016


Bug FixesEdit


  • Fixed an issue causing the default Overwatch spray to override a player's chosen spray when watching a Play of the Game or Highlight
  • Fixed an issue causing players to frequently disconnect while viewing Highlights
  • Fixed a bug preventing the appropriate music from playing after a loss on the Junkenstein's Revenge Brawl


  • Fixed a bug causing multiple issues when displaying data on the leaderboards


  • Fixed an issue preventing Ana's Nano Boost callouts from being heard by the enemy team
  • Fixed a bug preventing players from receiving credit towards the Healing Done commendation when healing D.Va's mech
  • Fixed a graphical issue that was preventing the liquid in Mei's Endothermic Blaster from appearing
  • Fixed a bug causing Reinhardt's Charge to unexpectedly stop when crossing certain thresholds (e.g. when exiting a dropship)
  • Increased the volume of Roadhog's "Want some candy" voice line


  • Fixed a bug on Eichenwalde that caused some textures to stretch across the map for some players

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