An Omnium is a factory designed to manufacture Omnics. During the Omnic Crisis, omniums around the world went rogue and began producing militarized robots. They were shut down by Overwatch and other groups working against the crisis.

Known Omnium LocationsEdit

  • Krasnoyarsk, Russia - Shut down twice by Russian forces; once during the Omnic Crisis, and again after it was reactivated many years later. Aleksandra Zaryanova was in Russia's defense force on the second time it reactivated.
  • The Outback - Was gifted to the Omnics by the Australian government, but was destroyed after an attack by the Australian Liberation Front, which included Mako Rutledge. The resulting explosion turned the outback into a wasteland. In the remains of the omnium, Jamison Fawkes found a "treasure" that made him the target of numerous bounty hunters.
  • East China Sea - Located under the sea, was responsible for making a giant omnic that attacked East and South East Asian countries.[1] South Korea was one of the countries ravaged by these assaults; the MEKA was established to fight against their attacks. The omnium is still active, attacking Korea once every few years.
  • Nigeria - A massive manufacturing omnium, used to manufacture OR14 "Idina" line, the predecessor of OR15. After the Crisis, OR14 were taken out of production; it probably means that the omnium was also shut down.
  • Detroit, USA - Was planned to appear in Overwatch: First Strike.[2]

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