The Overwatch Open Beta was a period of time from May 5-9, 2016 during which Overwatch was free to play.


Anyone who had preordered Overwatch before April 29 were granted codes for the Early Access portion of the Open Beta. The Early Access began on May 2 at 11:00 PM UTC. Those who preordered received in their emails a code for both themself and one other person.

The full Open Beta began two days later, on May 4 at 11:00 PM UTC. Though it was supposed to end on May 9 at 10:00 AM UTC, it was extended by one day to end on May 10 at 10:00 AM UTC.

Available FeaturesEdit

The following 21 Heroes were available:

The following 12 Maps were available:

Throughout the whole Open Beta, the Weekly Brawl was Mystery Heroes.

Progression, Achievements, and Highlights were available during the Open Beta. However, all progression and statistics were reset at launch.

The only feature unavailable in the Open Beta was Competitive Play. This was so that Blizzard could work from the community's feedback to improve it.


  • 9.7 million players participated in the Open Beta.
  • A total of 37,623,607 matches were played.
  • Participants played for a combined 4.9 billion minutes.
  • Average match lengths:
  • 9,002,594 Payloads were delivered.
  • Most picked heroes per role:
  • There were 271 million mid-game hero swaps.
  • 1,369,749,063,663 total damage was dealt.
  • 168,015,096,011 total damage was healed.
  • 326 million Bastions were destroyed.
  • 50,367,559 Dragonblades were deployed.
  • 62,528,516 Dragonstrikes were deployed.
  • 5.7 million High Noons per day.
  • 87,103,442 Loot Boxes were earned.
  • 341 million teammates were commended.
  • 72 million enemies were commended.
  • thanks from Blizzard Entertainment.

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