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The Overwatch Soundtrack is the official music album for Overwatch, and was released on May 24th, 2016. It consists of several tracks used in the game or in animated shorts. It is included in the Collector's Edition, and is also available on its own on iTunes.

Official Soundtrack ListEdit

# Name Audio
1 Overture
01 Overture
2 Rally the Heroes
02 Rally the Heroes
3 Temple of Anubis
03 Temple of Anubis
4 The World Could Always Use More Heroes
04 The World Could Always Use More Heroes
5 King's Row
05 Kings Row
6 Legacy
06 Legacy
7 Prepare to Attack
07 Prepare to Attack
8 Hanamura
08 Hanamura
9 Old Soldier
09 Old Soldier
10 Watchpoint: Gibraltar
10 Watchpoint Gibraltar
11 Numbani
11 Numbani
12 Situation Critical
12 Situation Critical
13 Hollywood
13 Hollywood
14 A Future Worth Fighting For
14 A Future Worth Fighting For
15 Volskaya Industries
15 Volskaya Industries
16 Dorado
16 Dorado
17 Victory
17 Victory
18 Route 66
18 Route 66
19 We Are Overwatch
19 We Are Overwatch
20 Nepal
20 Nepal
21 ...And Overwatch For All
21 And Overwatch For All

Music Outside of the Soundtrack Edit

Audio Plays when/during
Overwatch Competitive Match Music
- In the hero select screen in Competitive Play.

- Widowmaker's first attempt to assassinate Mondatta in Alive.

In the main menu for the Halloween Terror event.
The final battle in Junkenstein's Revenge.
Overwatch Christmas
In the main menu for the Winter Wonderland event.
Overwatch Music Year Of The Rooster 2017
In the main menu for the Year of the Rooster event. Certain parts of the full song play depending on whichever character appears on the menu.
Overwatch Uprising Rescue
In the main menu for the Uprising event.

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