Titan was a scrapped MMO made by Blizzard Entertainment. Production began in 2007 and was canceled in May 2013. Elements from Titan were repurposed in Overwatch's earliest content.

According to a Kotaku article[1], Titan was meant to be an MMO set in near-future Earth after fighting off an alien invasion. Players would do mundane jobs during the day and wage clandestine warfare against other factions at night. Multiple classes, such as Jumper, Reaper, Assassin, Ranger, and Juggernaut, were reinvented into Overwatch's earliest heroes, i.e. Tracer, Reaper, Genji/Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Reinhardt, respectively.

In September 2014, CEO Mike Morhaime revealed in an interview with Polygon that Titan had been canceled.[2]

Concept Art[3]Edit


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