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Pulse Pistols
Rapid fire hitscan type
40 ammunition
2 round(s) per shot 
40 rounds per sec
1.5 - 6 damage for each round, max 12 damage for body shot
11 - 30 m falloff range
1 sec reload

Tracer rapid-fires both of her pistols.

✔ Can headshot
✔ Subject to falloff damage
Default Key: (Left Mouse, Right Trigger)

Details Edit

Tracer fires two pistols, ultimately dealing less damage at a farther distance due to the widespread distribution of bullets.

Media Edit

Videos Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Tracer’s Pulse Pistols are linked to the Chronal Accelerator and fire compressed energy rounds.[1]
  • The pistols seem to reload in the same way as Winston’s Tesla Cannon; a power cell extends from the side of the weapon and spins before retracting.
  • Due to the fact she fires both of them at the same time, the 40 ammo is distributed between them to 20 possible shots per clip.

References Edit

  1. Overwatch Visual Source Book, p.93
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