Spawning Edit

First Spawn Edit

  • "Justice will be done."

Mid-Game Swap Edit

  • "Reinhardt at your service."

Respawning Edit

  • "Again! AGAIN!"
  • "Haha! Still kicking!"
  • "Back, and ready for more!"
  • "Back into the fray!"
  • "There is still more to my tale!"
  • "Wait for me!"
  • "I will not give up the fight!"
  • "This is not over."
  • "I am purified!" (with Wujing)

Using Abilities Edit

Barrier Field Edit

  • "Don't worry, my friends! I am your shield!"
  • "Don't worry, my friends! I will be your shield!"
  • "I will hold the line!"
  • "Come out and face me!"
  • "Ah, get behind me!"
  • "Shield engaged!"

Barrier Field at 400:

  • "Barrier is failing!"
  • "Barrier is giving out!"
  • "I can't hold forever!"
  • "Barrier won't hold forever!"

Barrier Field is destroyed:

  • "Barrier destroyed!"

Charge Edit

Into a wall:

  • "Goh, gahh! I'll feel that in the morning..."
  • "Ahh, I'm not as young as I used to be..."

Earthshatter Edit

  • "Hammer down!" (Self/hostile)

Combat Edit

Kills Edit

  • "Precision German engineering!"
  • "I'm just getting started!"
  • "Too strong!"
  • "Hah! hardly broke a sweat"
  • "Bring me another!"
  • "Do I have your attention yet?"
  • "No laying down on the job!"
  • Splended!
  • "Feel my power!"
  • Happy holidays.“ (Getting a kill during Winter Wonderland)
  • Challenge, accepted.” (Revenge)
  • I owed you one.” (Revenge)

Earthshatter kills Edit

  • "When all you have is a hammer, everyone else is a nail."
  • "And stay down!
  • Hahahaha, got you!”

Killing Reaper Edit

  • "Traitor!"

Killing Hanzo or Genji Edit

  • "I slay dragons."

Killing Zarya Edit

  • "Not strong enough!"

End-game voting Edit

Epic Edit
  • "100% German power!"
  • "Ah, impressive, if I do say so myself"
  • To see justice done, is it’s own reward!
  • Wonderful!
  • "That's how it's done!"
Legendary Edit
  • "What a performance!"
  • "I am the champion!"

Communication Wheel Edit

Unlockable Voice Lines Edit

  • "I salute you!"
  • "Are you afraid to fight me?"
  • "Bring me another!"
  • "Catch phrase!"
  • "Crusader online."
  • "I'm the ultimate crushing machine."
  • "Precision German engineering."
  • "Honor and glory."
  • "Respect your elders."
  • "Let me show you how it's done."
  • "This old dog still knows a few tricks."
  • "You shame yourself!"
  • "100% German power!" (Summer Games)
  • "Ooo, glittering prizes!" (Summer Games)
  • "Smashing!" (Halloween Terror)
  • "What do we have here?" (Halloween Terror)
  • "You’re on my naughty list." (Winter Wonderland)
  • "Forgive and forget like snow from yesteryear." (Winter Wonderland)
  • "Are you chicken?" (Year of the rooster)
  • "Fortune favors the bold." (Year of the dog)
  • "Easy does it.” (Uprising 2017)
  • "Unstoppable!" (Uprising 2017)
  • "Hnh Honor! Justice! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Reinhardt! Haha!" (Anniversary)
  • "Beer!” (Anniversary)


  • "Thank you, my friend."
  • "Thank you."
  • "Much obliged."


  • "Hello!"
  • "Hello."
  • "Greetings!"

Need HealingEdit

  • "Need healing."
  • "I need healing!"

Looking at Torbjörn Edit

  • "I need armor! Uh... MORE armor!
  • I need armor!


  • "Understood."
  • "Acknowledged."
  • "Right away."

Group UpEdit

  • "Group up!"
  • "Group up here."
  • "Group up with me."
  • "Join me."

Special Edit

On fire Edit

  • "I'm on fire! Come here and get burnt."
  • "I'm on fire!"

Watching an Ally get a kill Edit

  • "I salute you"
  • "Well done, my friend!"
  • "Show them how it's done"
  • "Ah and you're well struck!”
  • “Leave some glory for me.”

Watching Torbjörn get a kill Edit

  • "Well done, my diminutive Swedish friend!"

Watching Torbjörn die Edit

  • "Torbjörn! I will avenge you!"

Watching Pharah get a kill Edit

  • "Ana would be proud."
  • "Ana would approve."
  • "Your mother would be approve."

Receiving Ana's Nano Boost Edit

  • "I feel powerful!"
  • "I am unstoppable!"

Pre game objectives and callouts Edit

Enemy Teleporter Edit

  • Our enemies have a teleporter!
  • I found the enemy’s teleporter.
  • Enemy teleporter destroyed!

Enemy Shield Generator Edit

  • The enemy has a shield generator!
  • I found the shield generator!
  • Enemy shield generator destroyed!

Pre-game lines Edit

  • "We shall prove ourselves in glorious combat!"
  • "Ah, my friends! What's with all this standing around? There's glory to be won!" *chuckles*
  • "Aha! I live for a good fight!"

On Eichenwalde Edit

  • "I will reclaim my master's armor!"
  • "We fought a terrible battle here. Many Crusaders lost their lives."
  • "Too much blood was spilled in my country during the war."
  • "This isn't a castle. This is a tomb."

On Horizon Lunar ColonyEdit

  • "It all looks so small from up here!" (when using the telescope)

On OasisEdit

  • "I'm getting cooked alive in here!" (heavily breathing)

On Watchpoint: Gibraltar Edit

  • "I remember being posted here. It was good for my tan."

Pre-game conversations Edit

With Ana Edit

Ana: Reinhardt, I must say you're looking quite well. This life must agree with you.
Reinhardt: And you are looking as lovely as ever.
Reinhardt: Ana? How could this be?! I thought you were dead...
Ana: I'm sorry, Reinhardt. After everything that happened, I needed time.
Reinhardt: Just like old times eh Ana?
Ana: Things may change, but you never do, Reinhardt.

With D.Va Edit

Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me. It's... [clears throat] ... for a friend.
D.Va: Of course! Here you go. Love, D.Va.
Reinhardt: I was wondering if you'd sign something for me. It's... [clears throat] ... for a friend.
D.Va: Oooh, after this match is over. Right now, it's time to get serious!
(On Eichenwalde)
D.Va: The destruction caused by the omnics here... it reminds me of home.
Reinhardt: Things can be destroyed, but as long as the people are strong, they can always be rebuilt.

With Lúcio Edit

Reinhardt: Ahh, you kids today with your techno music! You should enjoy the classics, like Hasselhoff!
Lúcio: I can’t even take you seriously right now.
Lúcio: Reinhardt, we need to find you some new tunes.
Reinhardt: What’s wrong with the classics? I love Hasselhoff! Have you heard Night Rocker?

With Mercy Edit

Mercy: Reinhardt, don't you think it's time to hang it up? You aren't getting any younger.
Reinhardt: Never! I will fight until my last breath.
Mercy: Reinhardt, I don't approve of you dragging that poor girl around on your adventures.
Reinhardt: Brigitte has made her choice. I would have her at my side.

With Pharah Edit

Pharah: Reinhardt, you know, I had a poster of you on my wall when I was younger.
Reinhardt: I remember the poster! My hair was amazing.

With Torbjörn Edit

Torbjörn: Reinhardt! Least number of eliminations buys the post-mission drinks?
Reinhardt: [laughs] Let's show these kids how it's done.
Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down.
Reinhardt: Ja. And I sometimes wonder if your height is why you're always in such a bad mood!
Torbjörn: I sometimes wonder if all that armor slows your brain down.
Reinhardt: Ah, could you say that again? Sometimes it’s hard to hear you all the way down here.
Reinhardt: You always did take good care of my armor!
Torbjörn: Just try to keep it in one piece... for once.
During Winter Wonderland
Reinhardt: You know Torbjörn, you would make an excellent Santa Claus. Ho ho ho!
Torbjörn: Maybe this year you can be the elf! I think ingrids been working on something.

With WinstonEdit

Reinhardt: Winston! It is our duty to protect our comrades!
Winston: I am right behind you, sir.

With Zarya Edit

Zarya: Reinhardt, you said you would arm wrestle me. Nervous?
Reinhardt: Nervous? Me? Never!
Reinhardt: Keep training, and maybe someday you can learn to handle a real weapon!
Zarya: I think I’ve got this, old man
Reinhardt: Haha! Finally I have beaten the champion at arm wrestling!
Zarya: I heard it was your birthday old man. So I went easy on you.

Unorganized quotes Edit

5 4 3 2 1

A comrade falls, rally to me.

A reward for my dedication.

Attack with me.

Attack the objective.

Back into the fray.

Bring it on, I live for this.

Challenge accepted.

Come out and face me.

Don’t thank me, put it on my tab.


Eliminate this target.

Enemy turret destroyed.


Feel my power.

Fight toe to toe, you coward.

Follow me to glory.

Hardly broke a sweat.


Help me defend.

Hold them back.

Honor and glory.

Hold a moment, I need to catch my breath.

I am the champion

I am capturing the objective, try and stop me.

I love the classic rock, like Hasselhoff.

I owed you one.

I stand with you.

I will take them all on.

I am the hammer of justice.

I can still learn some new tricks.

I feel like a new man.

I have found the enemy, come and face me.

I have your back.

I live for a good fight.

I need shields.

I think I pulled something, more stretching next time.

I will hold the line.

I will take that as a compliment, my lady.

I’m back.

I’m escorting the payload, let’s keep it moving.

I’m going in.

I’m not even close to done.

I’m with you.

Is that the best you can do?

It’s good to work with proper heroes again.

Let’s set up here.

Leave some glory for me.

Let me at them.

Let me show you hows it done.

Let’s fight.

Listen to me now, and hear me later.

Make every second count, crush their defenses.

Moving the payload, join me.

Much better.

My just reward.

My new year's resolution? Same as every year: fight for justice!

No lying down on the job.

No doubt.

On my way.

Out of my way.

Press the attack.

Priority target found.


Show them how it’s done.

Stop the payload

Taking the objective, join me in glory.

Respect your elders.

Steel yourselves, push them back.

The objective is mine, join me if you will.

This old dog still knows a few tricks.

The enemy is at our door step, drive them back.

The payload is in my charge, let us move it.

The payload has come to a halt, get it moving.

There’s no glory in a stalled payload.

There’s still fight in me yet.

They are moving the payload, we must stop them.

They are taking the point, throw them back.

They have come to claim what is ours, don’t let them.

They’re back for more.

This feels like a reunion.

This path is clear.

Too strong.

Turret destroyed


We would be better served with a healer.

We need another tank. I can’t do it alone.

Watch yourself, my friend.

We are out of time, attack.

We don’t have much time

We need a healer

We will stand together.


You honor me.

You wouldn’t believe how hot it gets in here.

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