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Spawning Edit

First Spawn Edit

  • "I’m a one man apocalypse."

Mid-game Swap Edit

  • "Roadhog time."

Respawning Edit

  • "Back for more."
  • "Roadhog rides again."
  • "[grumbling]"
  • "Rolling out."

Using Abilities Edit

Chain Hook Edit

  • "Come here!"
  • "Grounded."
  • "Here, little piggy."
  • "Anchors away." (if Sharkbait or Mako is equipped)
  • "Get down"

Whole Hog Edit

  • "Eat! This!" (Self/hostile)


  • "Sit down!"
  • "Scrap 'em!"

Killing Reaper or Soldier: 76 Edit

  • "Nice mask!"

Gameplay Edit

Taking the Point Edit

  • "The point is mine. Property of Roadhog."

Defending the Point Edit

  • "You're in my house. GET OUT!"

Communication WheelEdit

Voice Lines Edit

  • "Welcome to the apocalypse." (default)
  • "Like taking candy from a baby."
  • "Got something to say?"
  • "Hahaha!"
  • "Hook, line, and sinker."
  • "Life is pain, so is death."
  • "Piece of cake."
  • "Push off."
  • "Say 'bacon' one more time..."
  • "Violence is usually the answer."
  • "We're all animals."

Need Healing Edit

  • "I'm bleeding like a stuck pig"

Pre-Game LinesEdit

  • "I'm in no rush."
  • "What are you lookin at?"
  • "Fired up!"

On DoradoEdit

  • "Now I know why they call this place Dorado. [laughs]"
  • "Ooo! They stocked up again."

On King's RowEdit

  • "I think they're still angry about those jewels we stole... I miss that crown."

On NepalEdit

  • "Great place; shame I have to kill someone here."

Pre-Game Conversations Edit

With Junkrat Edit

Roadhog: Try and stay out of trouble for once. / Hey. Stay out of trouble.
Junkrat: I'll be on me best behavior.
Junkrat: You hook 'em, I cook 'em.
Roadhog: ...Shut up.
Roadhog: I'll hook 'em!
Junkrat: And I'll cook em!
Junkrat: Hey, you should hear the joke Pigface told me the other day! Roadhog!
Roadhog: [grumbles] Do you ever shut up?

(on King's Row)

Junkrat: Ahh. Remember that time we stole the crown jewels? All hail King Jamison Fawkes the First! And, ehm, Duke Roadhog? What is your name anyways?
Roadhog: Mako.

With McCree Edit

McCree: I heard there's a nice reward for bringing you fellas in.
Roadhog: Try me.

Unsorted Quotes Edit

5 4 3 2 1

About time.

Attack the objective.

Bleeding like a stuck pig.

Bury them deep.

Clear them out.

Defend the objective.

Didn’t have enough.


Enemy turret destroyed.

Everyone has a plan, until they get punched in the mouth.

Feeling alive.

Finally. Quiet.

Find the teleporter.


Get on the attack, now.

Get back.

Get down.

Get out of there.

God save the king.

Going in.

Group up.

Hey, stay out of trouble.

Hurts so good.


I don’t like that sign.

I don’t think so.

I need my space.

I’m a prime specimen. 

I’m attacking.

I’m going hog wild.

I’m going to make you squeal.

I’m in no rush.

I’m the one who gets even.

I’m tired of your voice.


Just like always.

Kill em.

Less work for me.

Let'er rip.

Let’s finish this.

Move the payload.

Need armor.

Need healing.

Need shields.

No pain no gain.

Oh, goody.

Only thing you can count on in this broken world.

Out of time, attack!

Payload moving.

Plucked wings.


Press the attack.

Ready to go whole hog.


Rolling out.

Shut up.

Sit down.


Set up here.

Squeal for me.

Stop the payload.

So much trouble going on in the LBC, it’s kind of hard being Road H O single G.

Stay out of my way!

Stop that payload.

Teleporter destroyed.


That’s more like it.

Ultimate ready.

We’re gonna win.

We’re losing. Attack!

What’s mine is mine.

Where’s the teleporter?

Whatever you say

Why are we here.

Why’s the payload stopped?

You wanna scrap with me?

You’re in my house. Get out!

You serious?