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The SST Laboratories Siege Automaton "Bastion" were a line of Omnics that were developed by SST Laboratories and designed in part by Torbjörn. They were initially created for peacekeeping purposes, with the unique ability to rapidly reconfigure themselves into Recon, Sentry, and Tank forms.


During the Omnic Crisis, Bastion units were deployed as basic infantry for the Omnic rebel army, deployed worldwide. Following the resolution of the crisis, nearly all of them were destroyed or disassembled. To this day, Bastion units still symbolize the horrors of the conflict.



Not much is known about the E54s, but they are apparently identical to the B73 line. During the Omnic Crisis, even the best militaries in the world had trouble with them. Along with the B73s, they were all decommissioned after the crisis, with only one known and still operating.

The Last BastionEdit

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The Last Bastion

The Last Bastion is the only remaining Bastion unit. It mysteriously awoke in Black Forest with a unique curiosity for the world around it. It developed a personality and befriended a bird. Years later in a Swedish forest, Bastion encountered Torbjörn, who noticed its unique personality and took it under his wing, presumably giving the ancient omnic a new paint job and upgrade.


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B73s were heavily utilized by the Omnic forces during the Crisis. They were involved in the attack on Eichenwalde. After its awakening, Bastion discovered the body of a B73 and read its memory chip to learn about the battle.

This type of Siege Automaton appears as Bastion's "Omnic Crisis" skin.


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In preparation for the King's Row Uprising, Null Sector re-engineered and upgraded some SST Laboratories B73 Siege Automatons into B73-NS models, who were greatly superior to the original B73s.