Doomfist meteorstrike
Seismic Slam
Damaging movement type
10-125 damage
7.5 m range
1.5 seconds needed for full damage
7-second cooldown
Doomfist leaps forward and smashes into the ground, knocking nearby enemies toward him.
Default Key: (PC E,PS R1, XB RB)


Doomfist can activate this ability at any time while it is off cooldown, but it behaves differently whether or not he used Rising Uppercut. If he didn't, he leaps forward and travels in an arc towards his targeted area and enacts the effect in a close-range cone. If he did, he will travel in a straight line towards the targeted area. While airborne, the UI grants a blue cone shape on the ground indicating where Doomfist will land to do the effect, based on the placement of the player's crosshair. Doomfist will leap straight towards the indicated area once the key is pressed. Any enemies caught in the cone when Doomfist lands briefly lose movement control and are knocked straight towards Doomfist.

As the ability is initiated, a rapidly climbing number will appear below the crosshair as he descends, indicating the damage value of the ability upon landing. The damage climb stops as soon as he lands - thus initiating the ability on ascending stairs or other steep slopes will only deal minor damage, while descending from a great height will maximize the potential damage. The damage increases based on the amount of time spent in the air, maximizing when Doomfist has spent 1.5 seconds in the air, meaning Seismic Slam's power can increase through sliding on sloped surfaces or by being knocked up by certain crowd control abilities. Also, while descending, the player has free control of the camera and can thus turn around and affect enemies in whichever direction he chooses.

Seismic Slam contains a unique trait; The player(s) hit by the abilty, will be slightly shifted, but not stunned. When hit, the player may be shifted right, left, but usually towards Doomfist. This is important against fighting characters with slower fire rates, as they are more likely to miss their shot, leaving Doomfist a brief window to use his Hand Cannon or his other abilities.

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