Ana sleepdart
Sleep Dart
Stunning linear projectile type
5 damage
0.5 second cast time
Lasts 5.5 seconds
12-second cooldown
✘ Cannot headshot
Ana fires a dart from her sidearm, rendering an enemy unconscious (though any damage will rouse them).
Default Key: (PC LShift, PS L1, XB LB)


Ana fires a projectile that will put any enemy it hits to sleep. The victim will then lie on the ground for 5.5 seconds, with the snoring effect above them. This effect will prevent the victim from moving, turning, or using any abilities. If they take any damage, they will have 0.5 second recovery delay before waking up.

The projectile takes 0.5 seconds to fire, and cannot be manually canceled.

Take note that if an enemy Genji is fast enough, he can deflect the Sleep Dart and possibly put the Ana who fired it or one of her teammates out of the battle temporarily.


When using it against a Pharah using Barrage, a line will trigger where Ana says, "I think justice could use a nap." joking with Pharah's quote during Barrage, "Justice rains from above!".

Patch changes Edit

  • Overwatchemblem black July 26, 2016 Patch: Targets of Ana's Sleep Dart will no longer instantly recover when damaged (recovery time is now 0.5 seconds).

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