Soldier: 76 Origin Story is an animated short released on July 7, 2015, the day Soldier: 76 was announced.

Find out the origins of the masked vigilante known as Soldier: 76.

Video TranscriptEdit


[Open on the words "SOLDIER: 76 - ORIGIN STORY" next to the 76 from Soldier: 76's jacket.]

Soldier: 76: My name is Jack Morrison. People used to call me a hero.

[Fade to a shot of Jack Morrison, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, Gabriel Reyes, and Ana Amari firing at offscreen targets. Reinhardt is unmasked.]

Soldier: 76: I led Overwatch for twenty years. We ended the Omnic Crisis and paved the way to a better future. Those were the good old days. They didn't last.

[Fade to a globe showing Europe, Africa, and the Americas. The map is labeled "ACTIVE THREATS" - The cities Paris, Numbani, Rio de Janeiro, Dorado, and Seattle are marked in that order.]

Soldier: 76: Bad guys popped up all over the world. Lots of folks said we failed to keep the world safe.

[Fade to Jack Morrison trying to calm down anti-Overwatch protesters]

Soldier: 76: Protests broke out. They said that we were the problem, and people called for my head. They almost got their wish..

[Fade to the ruins of the destroyed Swiss Headquarters. A torn Overwatch flag gently sways in the wind.]

Soldier: 76: It was a conspiracy; Overwatch got hit from inside and out. Our enemies blew up our headquarters, and me with it.

[Cut to a grave marked "HERE LIES JACK MORRISON - COMMANDER - OVERWATCH". Soldier: 76's shadow is cast over it.]

Soldier: 76: They thought I died. Part of me did.

[Cut to black.]

Soldier: 76: But the war goes on.

[Fade to Jack Morrison putting on his Soldier: 76 mask.]

Soldier: 76: Now, I move in secret; striking from the shadows, hunting all those that brought Overwatch down.

[Fade to Soldier: 76 walking down a dimly lit street in a city.]

Soldier: 76: Call me a vigilante if you want. Truth is, I'm just a soldier.

[All fades away but the one street lamp illuminating Soldier: 76, which fades slightly slower. Fade to the Overwatch logo.]


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