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Sombra Origin Story is an animated short released on November 4, 2016, the day Sombra was announced.

Decrypt the mysterious past of Overwatch's newest hero: Sombra.

Video TranscriptEdit


[Open on a hexagon with Sombra's Calavera emblem inside it.]

Sombra: Who is Sombra?

[The screen glitches to Sombra's face.]

Sombra: To the system, she's nobody. She doesn't exist.

[Sombra raises her hand, putting a shot of herself as a child hacking into a government database, finding a file on Commissioner Rivera.]

Sombra: No one remembers the girl. There were a thousand children like her after the war. But none of them could hack like she could.

[Cut to young Sombra talking to Commissioner Rivera. While he is distracted with a basket of bread she gave him, she hacks into his computer with an early version of her hacking tendrils.]

Sombra: And she learned that people were just as easily manipulated.

[Cut to young Sombra standing among several Los Muertos members. She shows one of them a holographic screen.]

Sombra: Now she understood how the world worked. Information is power.

[Cut to a teenage Sombra hacking into a LumériCo database. Empty soda cans are strewn across her desk.]

Sombra: So she kept hacking. Politicians, corporations, governments. It was an addiction.

[Sombra's screens go red with a symbol of an eye. She recoils in shock.]

Sombra: But for the first time, someone noticed her.

[Cut to Sombra getting cybernetic implants in her back by a lady with a mechanical arm.]

Sombra: When your hardware's obsolete, it's time to upgrade. The girl was gone..

[The screen glitches to Sombra standing in front of her computer, still with the eyes on them.]

Sombra: ..and Sombra was born.

[The screens change to show the LumériCo logo. Cut to three guards on the upper catwalks of a LumériCo ziggurat.]

Sombra: Now, I'm ready.

[Sombra appears and kicks one guard off the catwalk, vanishes again, and reappears to take down the one next to him. She throws a Translocator across the gap and teleports to it in midair, landing on the third guard.]

[Fade to Sombra standing in front of a large screen. She puts her hand on it and a web of connections between people and organizations appears.]

Sombra: I'll find out who really runs the world. I'll find their weaknesses, and how to exploit them. And when I do, I'll be the one pulling the strings.

[The screen returns to Sombra's hand, and her face can be seen again.]

Sombra: Who is Sombra? You'll never know.

[The screen glitches back to her Calavera symbol, then to the Overwatch logo.]

Sombra: Adios.


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