Spawning Edit

First Spawn Edit

  • "The true enemy of humanity is disorder."

Mid-Game SwapEdit

  • "Symmetra reporting."


  • "Death is an illusion."
  • "I will follow my path."
  • "I will correct my mistakes"
  • "My work is not complete."
  • "A momentary lapse."
  • "There is still much to be done."

Using AbilitiesEdit

Sentry TurretEdit

Placing Turret:

  • "Turret deployed."
  • "Turret online."
  • "From light into being."
  • "Aligning defense system."
  • "Defenses in place."
  • "Perfect alignment."

Turret Destroyed:

  • "My turret was destroyed."
  • "My defenses are weakened."
  • "Intruder detected."

Photon ShieldEdit

  • "You are shielded."
  • "Be shielded."
  • "I will shield you."
  • "Shield engaged."
  • "Everyone is protected" (If all teammates have shields applied)

Photon Barrier Edit

  • "Photon Barrier deployed."
  • "Instancing Photon Barrier."
  • "Barrier is on its way."
  • "This will protect us."
  • "Projecting barrier."
  • "Creating a barrier."


  • "Teleporter online. I have opened the path."
  • "Teleporter online. We move swiftly."

Teleporter being damaged:

  • "Protect the teleporter!"
  • "My teleporter is under attack!"

Teleporter destroyed:

  • "Teleporter offline."
  • "Teleporter offline. The path is closed."
  • "Teleporter destroyed."

Shield Generator Edit

  • "Shield Generator online. You are protected."
  • "Shield Generator online. Defense matrix established."
  • "Shield matrix established."

Shield Generator being damaged:

  • "Protect the Shield Generator!"
  • "My Shield Generator is under attack."

Shield Generator destroyed:

  • "My Shield Generator has been destroyed."


  • "You are trapped in your own mind."
  • "You were not meant for greatness."
  • "I had not forgotten you."
  • "This is the order of things."
  • "That was for your own good."
  • "Perfection."
  • "Everything in its place."
  • "You lack imagination."
  • "Know your place."
  • "Order is restored."

If finished off and by turret Edit

  • "Just as expected."
  • "Order is restored."
  • "The pattern develops."
  • "Why do you struggle against your fate?"
  • "The balance shifts in my favor."
  • "You are unworthy of the true reality."
  • "This is the shape of things to come."

If finished off someone with melee Edit

  • "Shameful."
  • "Perception is your weakness."
  • "Get back."

Both Edit

  • "Know your place."

*Results May Vary from this kill list above*

Killing Lúcio Edit

  • "Punishment for your crimes."

Communication Wheel Edit

Need Healing Edit

  • "I need healing." (default)
  • "I need armor." (looking at friendly Torbjörn)
  • "I need more shields." (looking at friendly Symmetra)

Ultimate Status Edit


  • "My ultimate is charging."


  • "My ultimate is almost ready."
  • "My Teleporter is almost ready to deploy."


  • "My ultimate ability is ready."
  • "Teleporter ready for deployment."

If already placed

  • "Teleporter online."

Voice Lines Edit

  • "Such a lack of imagination." (default)
  • "Everything by design."
  • "Exquisite."
  • "How unsightly."
  • "I don't think so."
  • "Impressive."
  • "Perfect harmony."
  • "Precisely."
  • "I will put you in your place."
  • "Welcome to my reality."
  • "Why do you struggle?"
  • "Hard work and dedication pays off." (Summer Games)

Pre-Game LinesEdit

  • "Order will be restored."
  • "I will shape order from chaos."
  • "Do not deviate from the plan and victory will soon be ours."
  • "If everyone performs their function, victory is assured."

On DoradoEdit

  • "This would be a perfect location for a Vishkar development."

On Horizon Lunar ColonyEdit

  • "From here, it all looks to be so orderly and peaceful." (when using the telescope)

On OasisEdit

  • "Hm. This place is to my liking."

Objective Edit

Assault Edit

Attack (On it)

  • "I am taking the objective, all is going according to plan."
  • "I am at the objective, we must take it quickly."
  • "I am claiming the objective, support me."

Attack (30 secs)

  • "Secure the objective."
  • "Time grows short but we must fight to the end."
  • "Time is running out, we must not fail."

Defense (Contesting)

  • "Consolidate our defenses on the point!"
  • "We must hold the point against their attack!"
  • "Reinforce our defenses, we must turn them back!"

Defense (30 secs)

  • “Defend together, we are not below now!”
  • "Do not let up, victory will soon be ours."
  • "If we work in unison, our defense will be impenetrable."

Escort Edit

Attack (On it)

  • "Moving the payload, fall in behind me."
  • "The payload moves to its destination all according to plan."
  • "The payload moves, as must we."
  • "The payload is moving, we must pull together."
  • "The payload is moving, converge upon it."

Attack (Idle)

  • "The payload has stopped, we must get our plan back on track."
  • "The payload has stopped, we must get it moving."

Attack (30 secs)

  • "Align our attack, move the payload."

Defense (Contested)

  • "Together we must stop the payload, this is the way it must be."
  • "We must stop the payload."

Defense (30 secs)

(same as Assault)

Ingame Triggers Edit

When spots sniper Edit

  • "Sniper!"

Enemy Shield Generator Edit


  • “The enemy has a shield generator, we must find it.”


  • “The enemy shield generator is here, destroy it.”


  • “Enemy shield generator destroyed.”

Enemy Teleporter Edit


  • "The enemy posses a teleporter, we must locate it."
  • "We must locate their teleporter."


  • "Enemy teleporter located, we must destroy it."


  • "Enemy teleporter destroyed."

Enemy turret Edit

  • "Enemy turret ahead." (seen)
  • "Enemy turret destroyed, an inferior design." (Destroyed)

Enemy Mercy Resurrect Edit

  • "They have revived."

Environmental Healing Edit

  • "Much better."
  • "I am restored."

Nano Boosted Edit

  • "I'm unstoppable."
  • "There is nothing that will stand in my way!"

On Fire Edit

  • "I am on fire."
  • "An exceptional performance."
  • "I have reached peak performance levels."
  • "My full potential is unlocked."

Pre-Game ConversationsEdit

With Lúcio Edit

Lúcio: What you Vishkar would never understand is that people should be free.
Symmetra: What you call freedom is an illusion that causes more harm than good.
Symmetra: To think I would have to work with a street ruffian.
Lúcio: Yeah, I’m not too excited about this arrangement either.
Symmetra: The Vishkar Corporation is making the world a better place for everyone.
Lúcio: [laughs] You seriously believe all that? Man, I don't even know what to say to you.
Symmetra: You should give back what you stole.
Lúcio: Stole? You should ask your bosses where it all came from; then we can talk.

With TorbjörnEdit

Symmetra: Armor? How positively medieval.
Torbjörn: No one asked for your opinion.
Symmetra: I am impressed. I would not think such crude creations actually functioned.
Torbjörn: Why, thank you! I must admit, I'm surprised— hey...
Torbjörn: There's something on your dress.
Symmetra: No, there isn't.

Unorganized QuotesEdit

5 4 3 2 1

A commendable effort.

A healer would be optimal.

A performance worthy of repetition.

A reward for my hard work.

All according to plan.

Anything is possible.

Attack now or we are defeated.

Be careful.

Beauty can be found where everything is in harmony.

Do not believe everything you see. 

Defend with me

Everyone must do their part.

Everything in its place.

Form and function.

Freedom is a convenient illusion.

From order springs harmony.

How can anyone tolerate such chaos?

I am on my way.

I am with you.

I find violence regrettable but unrest even more so.

I have located the enemy.

I will weave a better world into being

I will correct societies flawed design.

If I can think it, I can create it.

I’m looking out for you.

I’ve got your back.

I’m going in.

I’m used to working alone.

Imagine what this could be


It is time to attack

Just as expected.

My condition is improved.

My shields require augmentation. 

My power grows.

Now this is better. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Our fates are entwined. 

Press the attack.

Push forward.

Priority target located.

Reality is my playground.

Recognition for my flawless service.

Something for me

The teleporter is available for you.

That is the way.

That was too close.

The cake is a lie or is it?

The cake is not a lie

The enemy is gathered here.

The enemy shield generator is here. Destroy it.

This way is not secure.

The pattern develops. 

The world is a dream not yet realized.

There is always room for improvement.

There is beauty in this.

This is the path we should take.


We are in alignment

We are in harmony

We need a healer

We need a tank

Welcome to my reality.

Well executed.

What you call freedom I call anarchy.


You perform your function admirably.