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Synaesthesia Auditiva is the debut musical album of Lúcio. It took two years to produce and release, and the initial teased first tracks have exploded onto the charts. Lúcio is planning to launch his world tour of the album in Cologne, Germany.

Tracks Edit

  1. Bem-vindos à Society 2.0 (Viemos para ficar)
  2. Heliotropics
  3. Hard Light, Hard Time
  4. Rejuvenescência
  5. Sonhos Ômnicos (Extended Mix)
  6. Maximum Tempo
  7. The Millennium Anxiety
  8. Quebrando a Barreira do Som (Drop the Beat)
  9. Robot After All
  10. We Move Together As One
  11. Synaesthesia Auditiva

Released audio Edit

Blizzard released two of Lúcio's tracks in Lúcio Brings Music to Life with Synaesthesia World Tour article. Those tracks are also used in game for his Crossfade: Heal and Crossfade: Speed ability. Later on 16 February, 2017, Blizzard released Sonhos Ômnicos track on multiple social network sites as a promotion for the inclusion of Lúcio in Heroes of the Storm.[1]


  1. Get amped for Lúcio's debut in @BlizzHeroes with this special remix of his breakout single: Sonhos Ômnicos!