Human ... machine ... we are all one within the Iris. Before me, I see the future: humans and Omnics standing together ... united by compassion ... our common hopes and dreams.

Tekhartha Mondatta was an omnic who led an outcast group of robots to the Himalayas after the Omnic Crisis and established a communal monastery. He was responsible for the birth of the very first robot monks and took steps to establish peace between humans and robots.

Tekhartha was assassinated by Widowmaker during a speech at King's Row, despite the heavy guard he was under and the efforts of Tracer.[1] A statue of him was erected sometime later at King's Row, near the site of assassination. A photo along with flowers and several candles was also seen at the place he gave his last speech.

Skills Edit

Tekhartha Mondatta's abilities are at this point unknown. His influence was very powerful and widespread, as he was able to establish a foothold on the world to advocate for peace between Omnics and humans.

Trivia Edit

Kings Row 006

A statue of Tekhartha in King's Row.

  • His codename while under guard was "Halo", reflecting his religious position.[1]
  • The title "Tekhartha" is a play on words based on Siddhartha, which was the 'civil' name of Buddha, and is a title given to certain monks meaning "He who has reached enlightenment".
  • His last name, together with Zenyatta, is a reference to Zenyatta Mondatta, an album by the band The Police.

References Edit

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