Doomfist thebestdefense
The Best Defense…
Self-buff type
+30 or +75 temporary shield per enemy damaged
Max 150 temporary shield
3 HP per sec decay
1.5 sec decay buffer
Doomfist generates temporary personal shields when he deals ability damage.
Default Key: (Passive)


With each ability that Doomfist uses (except for Hand Cannon), he gains 30 temporary shield for each enemy hit by the ability, or 75 each if the ability used was Meteor Strike. The temporary shield starts decaying after a grace period of 1.5 seconds, and decays at a slow rate of 3 HP/sec.

The temporary shield gained via this ability is capped at 150, leaving Doomfist with a maximum potential HP pool of 400 before any other abilities or pickups come into play.

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