An approximate chronology of events in the fiction of Overwatch.

Note: Few, if any, specific dates are provided in Blizzard's Overwatch lore material; instead, historical events are presented as having occurred years or months before a "now" assumed to be sometime in the late 21st century. The "now" of the timeline appears to be slowly advancing, with the "Recall" animated short being released shortly before the game's open beta and subsequent videos either detailing subsequent events ("Dragons," "Infiltration") or filling in recent history ("Alive," "Hero," "The Last Bastion").

Births of Legends Edit

61 years ago Edit

60 years ago Edit

57 years ago Edit

Approx. 56 years ago Edit

Approx. 55 years ago Edit

48 years ago Edit

45 years ago Edit

38 years ago Edit

37 years ago Edit

35 years ago Edit

33 years ago Edit

32 years ago Edit

31 years ago Edit

The Omnic Crisis and birth of Overwatch Edit

Over 30 years ago Edit

  • Omnica Corporation proposes construction of omniums.
  • Omniums are constructed in multiple countries.
  • SST Laboratories commence manufacture of the “Bastion" line of multi-configuration Siege Automatons.
  • Nigeria's omnium manufactures the OR14 "Idina" line of security robots.
  • Omnium production rates fall short of Omnica Corporation's promises amidst multiple instances of malfunction.
  • Omnica Corporation investigated for fraud and dissolved; all omniums are decommissioned.

30 years ago Edit

  • SST Laboratories introduce the E54 series Bastion as a peacekeeping unit.
  • Multiple omniums spontaneously re-activate and commence mass construction of Bastion Siege Automatons and other robot war machines.
  • The omniums' armies of omnics commence assaults in Russia; this is the start of the Omnic Crisis.
  • Omnic assaults spread to multiple other nations.
  • The E54 Siege Automaton omnic that becomes known as Bastion is created.[13]
  • The girl who becomes known as Sombra born.[14]

29 years ago Edit

28 years ago Edit

29 - 27 years ago Edit

  • Russian company Volskaya Industries develops the Svyatogor line of manned assault robots in response to the omnic attack.
  • Germany implements and equips the Crusaders in response to the omnic attack.
  • Reinhardt Wilhelm joins the Crusaders.
  • The United States of America implements the Soldier Enhancement Program in response to the omnic attack.
  • Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes are inducted into the Soldier Enhancement Program.
  • All international attempts to repulse the omnic assault fail.
  • The United Nations proposes the formation of the Overwatch strike team in response to the continuing omnic threat.
  • Jack Morrison, Gabriel Reyes, Ana Amari, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Torbjörn Lindholm and Liao are recruited into Overwatch.
  • Gabriel Reyes becomes Overwatch's first Strike Commander.
  • Overwatch commences achieving victories against the omnics.

26 years ago Edit

25 years ago Edit

20+ years ago Edit

  • The Reaper starts appearing in armed conflicts, showing no loyalty to any cause or organization.[21][22]

20 years ago Edit

  • Overwatch's strikes against the omnic command and control structure render the majority of the omnic armies inert.
  • The Omnic Crisis is declared over.
  • Overwatch commences transition to a peacetime organization; Jack Morison replaces Gabriel Reyes as Overwatch Strike Commander while Gabriel Reyes is shifted to command of the newly-formed Blackwatch.
  • The omnic that becomes known as Zenyatta is built.[23]

The "golden age" of Overwatch Edit

19 years ago Edit

19 - approx. 10 years ago: Edit

  • A Himalayan monastery of omnics, led by the omnic monk Tekhartha Mondatta, become global celebrities through their effots to create human-omnic harmony.
  • Zenyatta departs the monastery to travel the world.
  • The Australin government gifts the Australian omnium to a local omnic community, displacing many humans including Mako Rutledge.[25]
  • The Australian Liberation Front is formed around the core of humans displaced by the Australian omnium and commences direct action against the facility.[25]
  • An ALF strike sabotages the Australian omnium's fusion core, causing an explosion that irradiates the surrounding bushland.[25]
  • Bastion awakens in the Black Forest.[26][27]

11 years ago Edit

10 years ago Edit

  • The Numbani government recommissions the OR14 program, updating the robots to the OR15 design.
  • An environmental disaster at Ecopoint: Antarctica forces the facility's staff to enter cryostasis.

The fall of Overwatch commences Edit

Approx. 9 - 7 years ago Edit

  • Allegations of corruption and illegal activity are leveled against Overwatch.
  • Overwatch's Slipstream experimental jet fighter and its pilot, Lena "Tracer" Oxton, goes missing during a test flight.
  • The existence of Blackwatch becomes public knowledge.
  • Tracer is discovered in a state of chronal dissociation; Winston commences work on a solution.
  • Winston develops the chronal accelerator and stabilizes Tracer in the present.
  • Tracer and Winston commence testing the abilities granted to Tracer by the chronal accelerator.
  • The Japanese govermnent files a complaint about Blackwatch activity within their borders.
  • An Overwatch official, possibly Gérard Lacroix, is murdered.
  • UN Director Petras orders an investigation into an incident in Cairo.

7 years ago: The Null Sector uprising Edit

  • Omnic extremist group Null Sector kidnaps Tekhartha Mondatta, London's mayor Nandah and a hundred people, holding them in a King's Row power plant.[28][29]
  • The UK prime minister denies Overwatch permission to operate within British borders.[28]
  • Jesse McCree travels to the UK and provides Overwatch with intelligence on Null Sector disposition. Reyes will not confirm or deny sending McCree into England.[28]
  • Strike Commander Morrison approves Tracer's request for active duty as an Overwatch field agent.[28]
  • Strike Commander Morrison ignores orders from UN Director Petras and disregards the UK prime minister by dispatching a mission team comprised of Mercy, Reinhardt, Torbjörn and Tracer to King's Row.[28][29]

6 years ago Edit

  • A photo later displayed in Winston's recall broadcast shows Tracer, Reyes, Winston, Ana, McCree, Reinhart, Mercy and Strike Commander Morrison at what appears to be a press event for the International Justice Commission's Global Security division, where a senior official shakes the hand of an unidentified omnic. All eight Overwatch agents appear to have been awarded golden IJC medals.
  • Captain Ana Amari is believed killed in action by Amélie Lacroix during a hostage rescue mission led by Strike Commander Morrison.
  • Winston captures Doomfist in Numbani by with assistance from Genji and Tracer.
  • The United Nations authorises a secret investigation of Overwatch and Blackwatch.
  • An explosion destroys Overwatch's Swiss HQ; Jack Morrison and Gabriel Reyes are believed killed.
  • The United Nations officially disband Overwatch and ratify the Petras Act.

5 years - 3 months ago Edit

The Present: Resurrection of Overwatch Edit

The present day events of Overwatch are around 60 years after 2014-2016,[31][32] and thus are around the year 2074-2076.

Before October Edit

  • Winston commences work on a prototype shield generator.[33]
  • A news report estimates the death toll due to the Second Omnic Crisis at over fifty thousand.[33]
  • A Talon infiltration team led by Reaper on a raid on Watchpoint: Gibraltar is partially foiled by Winston.[33] However Reaper is successful in obtaining part of the list of former Overwatch members' locations.[34]
  • Winston sends a signal recalling all former Overwatch agents to active duty. Tracer responds immediately.[33]
  • Widowmaker assassinates Tekhartha Mondatta during the omnic monk's speaking appearance at King's Row.[35][36]
  • Shortly after the events of "Recall",[37] on the anniversary of his "death" Genji reveals to his brother Hanzo that he is alive.[38]
  • Soldier: 76 attacks Los Muertos in Dorado.[39]
  • McCree eliminates a Talon team raiding an American cross-continental hypertrain but dumps the object the Talon team were attempting to steal before Talon backup can arrive.[40]
  • Reinhardt and Brigitte repair Reinhardt's Crusader armor to remove a local gang from a small town in Germany.[41]
  • Junkrat and Roadhog kill the CEO of Hyde Global and blow up their skyscraper in Sydney.[42]
  • Vishkar begins work in Rio de Janeiro after Symmetra and Sanjay Korpal sabotage local businesses.[43]
  • Anubis briefly escapes Helix Security's confinement late at night, but is put down by a team led by Pharah.[44]
  • Torbjörn saves Boklovo from a Titan piloted by Sven.[45]

October Edit

  • Mei is released from cryostasis at Ecopoint: Antarctica.
  • The sniper known as Shrike makes several disruptive attacks on Talon operations in Egypt.
  • Soldier: 76 assaults the compound of the criminal Hakim in Giza but is attacked by Reaper. Shrike intervenes and drives Reaper away. Shrike and Soldier: 76 reveal their identities (Ana Amari and Jack Morrison, respectively) to each other and join forces.
  • Lúcio steals Vishkar technology and begins to rally Rio's people against the corporation.
  • Sombra leaks LumériCo information, and Los Muertos plan to have a protest on the 1st of November.[46][47]
  • 31st October: Mei stops in Hollywood to see Six-Gun Killer.

November Edit

  • 1st November: Sombra's leaks of sensitive LumériCo information and Junkrat and Roadhog's robbery of the Banco de Dorado leads to LumériCo CEO Guillermo Portero stepping down.[46]
  • 2nd November: Mei arrives in Nepal.
  • Reaper leads a Talon assassination mission to kill Katya Volskaya, with Sombra and Widowmaker as his team. The mission is a failure due to Sombra's antics.[48]
  • A Monday: Winston and Tracer foil a raid by Reaper and Widowmaker on a museum exhibit dedicated to Overwatch. Reaper and Widowmaker were attempting to retrieve the Doomfist gauntlet.[49][50]

December Edit

  • With Vishkar out of Rio de Janeiro, Lúcio releases his album Synaesthesia Auditiva and goes on tour to promote it.
  • Around 25th December: Each of the Overwatch characters partake in Christmas in their own way.[51]
  • New Year's Eve: Lúcio holds a concert in London.


  • Bastion - who had traveled via the Baltic sea - appears in Northern Sweden and encounters the locals. Torbjörn - who had been sent to hunt Bastion down - discovers that Bastion has become more than his programming and takes him in.[52]



  • Doomfist goes to retrieve the Doomfist gauntlet, and destroys the entire complement of new OR15 defense robots who were sent to stop him.[55][53][56]
  • Efi Oladele uses money from the the Adawe Foundation's "genius grant" to purchase spare OR15 parts.[55]
  • Efi Oladele completes construction of a modified OR15 containing an adaptive artificial intelligence with a custom personality. Efi names the robot Orisa.[55]


  • The seemingly fictional events depicted in the Halloween story told by Reinhardt: "The Tale of Dr. Junkenstein" are presumably set in the 1700s[57][58] (as this is the time-period that the real-world fictional story "Frankenstein" is set in).


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